HI-REVIEW: Benton Mineral Sun Stick SPF50 PA++++

by Charlotte Wright

Living in New Zealand, we all know that wearing sunscreen is non-negotiable. Even during Winter, we should still be wearing SPF, at least on our faces to protect ourselves from damaging UV rays. As we head into the height of Summer, we need to step this up and make sure we wear a strong level sunscreen and continue to reapply through-out the day.

Finding the right sunscreen can be tricky and I end up with several different products for separate parts of my body and for different times of the day.

The Benton Mineral Sun Stick is an allrounder. I feel like I can use it everywhere on my body and it’s packaging is perfect for putting in my bag and reapplying on the go.

Price: $32

Quantity: 15g

Being a Mineral Sunscreen, this product builds a protective film on top of the skin to reflect harmful UV rays. Versus a Chemical Sunscreen which absorbs the UV rays and uses chemical reactions to decompose them. 

Both options have pros and cons, Mineral sunscreens are favored with sensitive skin suffers as they reduce the risk of skin irritation which can be common with Chemical options. The main con with Mineral sunscreens is that they tend to leave a white cast, which is why Benton Mineral Sun Stick is such a game changer. All the pros with ZERO white cast! 

Benton Mineral Sun Stick is combined with our friend Hyaluronic Acid for wonderful hydration and also Vitamin E to help with skin protection and balance. 

My experience 

Not being native to New Zealand, I am a big user of SPF. I am always worried about sun damage and like to try new products to find better ways to protect my skin.

This product caused me anxiety because when I first applied it, I swear I couldn’t feel it! I didn’t know it was there and wasn’t sure if I would be protected, it is that lightweight and invisible by sight, touch and smell! After a few hours in the sun, my worries were put to rest. This product is amazing, you can apply it absolutely where-ever you want and be safe in the knowledge that your skin is protected. 

I adore the packaging; it is a great small size where you get a lot of product but it’s easy to carry around with you day to day. The twist up function is amazing for travel as there is no chance of leakage or damage to the product! 

This product could be used as your core sun care however I think where it can really shine is in reapplication. Pop it in your bag when you head out for the day, the beach, the office, the shops.

Benton Mineral Sun Stick can be your savor to deter those pesky sunburnt feet, back of the neck and shoulders that we all know about too well. 

The ingredients make it perfect for not only any skin type but also any age range! I would recommend this product to everyone to keep up that high level of sun protection that we all need 😊 

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