HI-REVIEW: By Wishtrend Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash

by Yery Choi

Same old foam cleanser? Oil? Balm? Same old, same old.. Try something new.. Something more unique.. Something more for the adventurous, any skin type beauties out there!

Price: $31

Quantity: 70g

Product description:

The By Wishtrend Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash is a mild powder cleanser to use on a daily basis. Consisting baking powder, coconut-derived surfactant, and enzymes, it controls blackheads while hydrating. As a low irritant cleanser for sensitive skin, it helps to exfoliate your skin on a daily basis. 

Green tea powder, rich in antioxidants, antiflammatory properties, antibacterial agents, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin E are just a few to list! The high content in polyphenols are what makes green tea antiflammatory and antibacterial. It helps reduce irritation, redness, swelling and not to mention helps with treating acne and unclogging pores! Antioxidants help fight damage from UV rays which ultimately helps with prevention of skin cancer. The Vitamin B2 helps maintain collagen level and the Vitamin E supports cell growth and also intense hydration. Now thats a LOT of goodness to the skin!

From the name of this wash, we can all guess what the next main ingredient is. The enzyme,  Papain, is an enzyme from the fruit papaya. This enzyme is what helps with mild exfoliation as well as keeping the skin hydrated.

The Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) also contains antiflammatory, antiseptic properties and helps cleanse pores and the coconut-derived surfactant is good for cleansing due to high foaming ability

How to use:

  1. Take a 10cent coin sized amount on your hand

  2. Add a few drops of water

  3. Lather it up just like a normal foam cleanser

  4. Cleanse!   

Personal thoughts:

DON’T be startled when you first purchase the product because I was! The product is only meant to fill up 40% of the bottle and don’t worry, theres a reason behind this. The bottle was designed to have extra space as when the power is exposed to moisture, the particles may expand. YES, you did not purchase air ;)

I found the powder wash to be very hydrating and not irritating at all. Even after leaving it dry without applying any skincare for some time, my skin did not pull at all and I didn’t find it to be stripping out any moisture from my skin.

The mild exfoliation was just enough for daily cleansing, however, I wouldn’t recommend using this cleanser for both day and night! Also, if you have very, very sensitive skin, using this 2~3 times a week should be enough for your exfoliating routine otherwise, mix in with your favourite foam cleanser for the best of both worlds

The Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash from By Wishtrend is suitable for all skin types including sensitive, and I recommend this product for anyone who wants a non-moisture stripping, hydrating, exfoliating and NUTRITIOUS cleanser added into their skincare routine

Be adventurous beauties ;)

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