HI-REVIEW: By Wishtrend Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream 🍋

by Lauren Harrison

Hey Beauties! 

Today I will be telling you all about the Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream that was created by the brand ‘By Wishtrend’. This cream is the 3rd product to come out in By Wishtrend’s Vitamin range and was created due to customer feedback, wanting another product in the same range. 

PRICE: $40 

QUANTITY: 50ml / 1.76oz. 


  • 75% Vitamin Tree (Sea Buckthorn) Water
  • Vitamin E 

This cream can be used for a couple different things, for the past month I have only been using it as moisturiser, but you can also use it as a cooling pack, sleeping mask, a way to boost Vitamin C and a cream to help brighten up dark spots over the body. However, I will only be talking about the effects it had as a moisturiser. 

I would recommend this as a moisturiser for people who have combination to oily skin types! It’s a lightweight cream that will keep skin hydrated while helping with rejuvenating the skin. Because this moisturiser has 75% of the Vitamin Tree Water, it is meant to have quick absorption and really keep the skin hydrated, leaving the skin feeling very light after using. Because of the Vitamin E, this cream is also meant to help with some brightening effects! 

After using this cream for a month, I can say that I do enjoy using this product, however it is not fit for my skin type. I have more normal to dry skin, and I find that this cream is not moisturising enough, on its own. For about the first week I used this product alone and my skin kept feeling tight and lacking moisture, however I ended up mixing this cream with another moisturiser that I own and both of them combined was enough to be moisturising. 

I didn’t see many effects coming from this product, despite that I believe this cream would work as a great simple moisturiser for people with combination to oily skin, or even normal skin types for the summer time. I do feel like my skin looks a little brighter and that would be thanks to the Vitamin C serum I am using and this cream combined, though I didn’t notice a drastic difference. 

Hope you combination to oily skin beauties out there have a look at this product and maybe chuck it into your cart! 

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