HI-REVIEW: COSRX Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream

by Andy Lee

Looking for a product that’ll comfort and moisturise your skin for the upcoming winter? Or you feel like your skin barrier needs to be strengthen? This could be the perfect product you’re in search for!

Hey Beauties, today let’s have a closer look at the Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream from COSRX, one of the best selling moisturiser from HIKOCO.

Price: $34 NZD

Volume: 80g

Product Description: Lightweight yet rich moisturiser for suffered skin by sensitivity. Calm, soothe and strengthen your skin without cloggy, oily feeling.

As you can read off from its name, the main ingredient to focus on this product is Ceramide! Ceramides are lipid molecules that form the upper layer of our skin to protect the skin from harmful external stimulus and we call this layer the skin barrier. It is very important that you keep your skin barrier healthy because compromised skin barrier leads to dry, itchy and sensitised skin. This can also result in having dermatitis such as folliculitis. Some examples that could harm your skin barrier are excessive cleansing, lack of sleep, becoming stressed or using a wrong product for your skin.

Products that consist of ceramides are beneficial in order to maintain or restore your skin barrier back to its healthy state, and this product would definitely be one of the top pick! Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream contains 10,000 ppm of Ceramide NP or Ceramide 3, one of the many types of ceramides which can naturally be found in the upper layer of the skin. Ceramide NP holds the skin together to form a protective layer that works against any harsh external stimulus and it also helps to limit the moisture loss so the skin is not dried out.

The product comes in a simple, classy packaging in a tube type container so it is easily squeezed onto hands; however I found it difficult to squeeze out the very last remainder when I was nearly finished with the product.

Personal thoughts

I would say this cream can be used by anyone who wants sufficient hydration for their skin. It is very mildly formulated as COSRX would always do, by excluding all the harmful chemicals such as fragrance or preservatives. It also contains centella leaf water and madecassic acid, thus it is also beneficial for those who have acne prone skin. It is rich in moisture while being lightweight so people with oily skin type can feel safe to use this without any trouble. I have an oily skin myself and I have not noticed any issue with my skin for the past three to four months of usage.

But be very cautious of the amount you apply each time because applying excessive amount may clog your pores and result in having comedonal breakouts!

What I loved the most with this product was the texture, it’s got a balm type texture which absorbs and stays on your skin for a pretty long time compared to normal watery lotions. Plus, you could actually feel the cream holding onto the moisture.

In accordance with my past experience with the product, for best result I recommend you using it at your night time routine with aha/bha based toner pads to achieve that dewy, glowy looking skin the next morning!

To sum up, this is a cream basically for anyone with skin concerns or wanting long lasting hydration. If you’re in search for a new daily moisturiser I would highly recommend you to visit one of our stores and try it out yourself.


Thank you, much appreciated for reading my review.

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