HI-REVIEW: COSRX Full Fit Honey Sugar Lip Scrub & Lip Sleeping Mask

by Hazel Sarcilla

Hi Beauties!

We all know what it's like to have chapped lips. Uncomfortable, and can be painful at times. There are many factors as to what have caused it like the weather, habitual licking, and more. However, there are so many lip care products in the market that can prevent chapped lips but today, I will be sharing with you COSRX’s Full Fit lip care! I’ll be reviewing COSRX’s Full Fit Honey Sugar Lip Scrub and Full Fit Propolis Sleeping Mask. COSRX is a Korean skincare brand that’s popular for their straightforward product formulation. If you got a specific skin concern, they have it. And yes, let’s not forget their famous pimple patches that made headlines and amped up the skincare game. They  just released their lip care line and fortunately, I got to try out two of their products and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you! ☺️

Honey Sugar Lip Scrub  | $34 NZD | 20g

“A lip scrub that gently exfoliates dry lips with Sugar and Honey, leaving them soft and kissable.”

How to use: Scoop out a little bit of the product and use the fingertips to gently rub until soft. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.  

This lip scrub contain sugar crystals to gently exfoliates and eliminate dry patches, while honey and lemon extract to soothe and hydrate the lips. It also preps the lips for pre-lipstick application by buffing away flakey dead skin cells to make your lipstick application smooth and easy. Lastly, there is no artificial fragrance, flavouring, and colorants which makes it great for sensitive lips. 

Propolis Lip Sleeping Mask | $34 NZD | 20g 

“Wake up with softer lips! A lip mask infused with Honey-6 Complex gives intense hydration to dry lips overnight.”

How to use: Apply on the lips and leave it on overnight. Use it throughout the day for softer and nourished lips. 

On the other hand, this sleeping mask contains high content of propolis extract to replenish and nourish the lips. It has a rich and honey-like texture that absorbs into lips quickly making it a non-sticky and pleasant overnight treatment and a lip balm during the day. 

Personal Experience

As someone who has dry and flakey lips almost everyday, I always have lip balms everywhere I go although I do get lazy on applying  sometimes.😆 Anyways, these two products have the same size and price. It can be a bit pricey for some but personally I think its worth the price, since I only apply small amounts of each and I only exfoliate thrice a week, the lip scrub would last me 2-3 months while the lip sleep is about 1-2 months. 

The lip scrub has a fine grainy texture which quite different from the other lip scrubs that I’ve used that has a chunky texture. I wasn’t used to it at first but I slowly come to love it. It isn’t harsh on the lips when you rub it because of its fine sugar crystals and kinda dissolves. It also isn’t hard to wash off and doesn’t leave any film. I exfoliate thrice a week and love how it gently polishes and leaves my lips feeling smooth immediately after use. 

Afterwards, I use the lip sleep to seal the deal. I really like how it quickly absorbs into my lips and how it doesn’t feel sticky which I really wish other lip masks have because you know how tricky sleeping can be when you got a lip mask on.😆 I use this almost every night and leaves my lips really soft and hydrated in the morning. And since I like how it feels on my lips, I would also use this during the day to keep it hydrated. 

I really like these two products. They did the job well and I find them pleasant to use compared to some lip products I’ve tried before. These products could be used by all, especially for those with sensitive lips. I did not find any discomfort while using them and there’s no artificial colourants and fragrance in both of the products. If you find the lip scrub too gentle, I suggest that you add a bit more till you’re satisfied. I do have those days when I just add more and let it sit on my lips for a couple of minutes because my lips are too flakey. 

Thank you all for reading! Stay safe and see you on my next review! 

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