by Simone Chiang

Honey honey 🍯 Looking for a simple yet effective ampoule to boost hydration and help with irritated skin? Well, I was excited to see if this best seller, COSRX Full Fit Propolis Light Ampoule would live up to it’s hype! 

Price: $34

Quantity: 30mL

How to use: Apply after toner on cleansed face. Follow with moisturiser. 

Note: You can treat an ampoule as a serum as they are both concentrated formulas and are meant for your treatment step. 

This ampoule has a minimal ingredient list with only 11 ingredients and claims to heal stressed skin and reduce redness. The highlight ingredient of this product is 83.3% black propolis. 

So what is propolis? It is a natural substance that comes from resin collected by honeybees. In the skincare world, propolis extract is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient that fights acne and promotes wound healing. It is a popular ingredient amongst K-beauty brands and is commonly associated with the term “glow” as it is also a potent antioxidant. 

The other notable ingredients being:

0.2% hyaluronic acid – the most well-known ingredient for hydration boosting as it acts as a humectant which helps the skin to hold onto water. 

0.1% panthenol – also known as Vitamin B5 is both a humectant and emollient so not only does it hold in water but makes sure it doesn’t escape.

Scent: This product has no fragrance hence no notable scent.

Packaging: A plastic bottle with a dropper resembling a honey dipper. 

Texture: This ampoule has a slight viscous texture with a very faint orange tint (from the propolis extract as there is no artificial colouring)

Personal Experience

Despite the viscous texture, it spreads nicely like a watery serum, absorbs quickly into the skin and gives me a subtle healthy glow. It does leave a slight tackiness but it is not uncomfortable and barely noticeable after applying a moisturiser. In fact, this is the lightest finish out of all the propolis products I’ve ever tried. However, I did notice that the tackiness does build up when I went in for a second layer. 

I’ve got to give a special shout out to the packaging, they have an extra plastic component near the opening to remove the excess product on the dropper, making the user experience very neat and tidy! I’ve always found it troublesome when there is residual product stuck around the opening and needing to wipe it clean.

I’ve been using this in both my AM and PM routine, and I use up to the whole dropper each time. It doesn’t pill under makeup and doesn’t cause irritation when paired with active ingredients. So if you are into chemical exfoliation and/or starting your anti-aging (retinol) journey, this ampoule would make the perfect pairing. 

On a very positive note, I did feel like this helped soothe my irritated skin and sped up the healing of my skin barrier, but I didn’t notice much improvement with the redness. The hydration and nourishment this ampoule provides would be sufficient for use all year round and maybe with the exception of the coldest winter weather if you have super dry skin. But I would say for most skin types, they can benefit from this ampoule. I would also recommend this to people who have sensitive skin due to the minimal ingredient list (no paraben, artificial fragrance, colouring, alcohol, mineral oils and essential oils). Less ingredients means less risk of irritation!

This is actually my first time trying a COSRX product and I’m glad it didn’t let me down. I have been meaning to try out their Snail Mucin Essence because it is so hyped on social media and everyone claims it as their holy grail. I’m sure I’ll get to it one day! 

Hope you enjoyed the review and found it helpful! xx 

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