HI-REVIEW: Cosrx Oil-free Ultra-moisturizing Lotion (With Birch Sap)💦

by Amy Xuan

Hi beauties 💗

Today I want to share my thoughts on one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE 💓moisturisers from COSRX - the Oil-free Ultra-moisturizing Lotion with Birch Sap. I have actually finished using the entire bottle so I guess that shows how much love I have for this product 😘 


Price: $29

Quantity: 100ml

How to use:

Day & night, after cleansing, prep the skin with toner and apply a thin layer, avoiding the eyes and lips. Reapply on areas experiencing severe dryness.


This product is formulated with 70.8% Birch Sap (Betula Platyphylla Japonica Juice), which is used as a solvent instead of water. This makes the lotion extra hydrating and easily absorbed into the skin. Birch Sap also has antioxidant properties so it protects skin cells from oxidative stress. This lotion is slightly acidic so lower in pH which is made to purify, balance and calm skin as well as to completely moisturise it.

Although the name of the product states it’s oil free, it does contain a little bit of tea tree oil🍃which works to control sebum production, soothe inflammation and gently fight acne with its antimicrobial properties. However, if you are allergic to tea tree oil, this lotion is probably not the one for for you 😞

This product also comes with lemon peel oil which gives it its fragrance properties. However it only comes in a tiny amount. Even though my skin is very sensitive, I’ve had no reactions to it at all. Instead, I quite like the scent of this product as I find it very unique and refreshing.

Alcohol is used in the product, but in a small amount to act as a solvent. Again, it has not caused any irritations on my skin :)

For the packaging of this product, it comes with a nozzle pump bottle which makes it super convenient and hygienic at the same time.



This moisturiser has a light watery texture and applies onto the skin very nicely.

When first applied, it has a nice cooling sensation to it, and the scent of the product makes it more refreshing. It leaves a very occlusive feeling but not too oily, and it does not dry me out like what some other water-based moisturisers tend to do, hence it locks moisture in and keeps skin moisturized for a long time.

During summer, when my skin is combination to oily, I simply tone my face and use this product and it’s enough to keep my face hydrated throughout the whole day. I use this product in colder seasons too, but depending on my skin condition I like to layer a thicker cream on top. Therefore I think this moisturiser will suit people with all types of skin!

Additionally, this product also sits well under sunscreen and makeup which is always a bonus 

Overall, I think this product is an everyday hydrating lightweight moisturiser which I would recommend for people with all types of skin, especially for those with combination to oily skin. It does not have any fancy properties like repairing or firming to it, but it does an amazing job in balancing, hydrating and preventing moisture loss from your skin throughout the day!


❤Thank you for reading till the end ❤

I hope everyone’s resting well at home, and don’t forget to take care of your skin using your favourite skincare products! Let’s be pretty💓

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