HI-REVIEW : Dr.G Brightening Up Sun+ SPF50+ PA++++

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Hi Beauties! 🌸

Hikoco finally brought in products from the looooooong awaited Dr.G!! I’ve heard so many good things about Dr.G, so I can’t wait to try their skincare and see whats all the hype about 🤩 This will be my first time trying their popular Brightening Up Sun+, here’s how it went.

Price: $43
Quantity: 50ml
Product Description: "Smooth Brightening Sunscreen. This product refreshes tired skin and brightens the skin's overall complexion."
How to Use : Use as the final step of a skincare routine. Apply a small amount to areas exposed to UV rays and massage it into the skin.

The Dr.G Brightening Up Sun+ is a power sunscreen that protects skin from harmful UV rays and blue light with a mineral filter and Pycnogenol (aka an extract from french maritime pine bark). This is also great for preventing any excessive redness and damage from external harmful environments 🌿

This anti-pollution and antioxidant sunscreen is great for sensitive skin! It is also a tone-up sunscreen that uses a mild brightening formula that corrects your skin tone. Gives your skin an instant clear, bright and radiant complexion 🌞 Dr.G also formulated the sunscreen with Tannin Complex to help with excess sebum control, skin soothing, and pore refining.

Unlike any other sunscreen I’ve tried, the formula is extremely light and non-sticky, and I mean EXTREMELY! The soft and moisturizing texture applies easily, still keeping the skin hydrated without leaving ANY greasiness. The tone-up effect is really natural, brightening your overall complexion with a peach beige base 🍑 The finish is matte and smooth, perfect under makeup and long lasting for up to 24 hours!


Personal Thoughts

Dr.G Brightening Up Sunscreen has to be one of THE BEST sunscreen I have EVER used on my face 🤯 Period. I was never a big fan of sunscreens in general, I find them annoying and ruins my makeup (possibly?). But this Dr.G sunscreen feels nothing like a normal daily sunscreen. Honestly, it feels more like a matte primer, and works like one too! The tone-up wasn’t extremely drastic, but definitely brightens and evens out my skin tone. The sebum control in this sunscreen is crazy good, however, make sure to properly moisturize beforehand, it is quite mattifying.

I recommend this sunscreen to any Beauties with normal to oily skin, especially those looking for a two-in-one makeup base and can hold throughout the day 🌈 Since it is a light sunscreen that can be used daily, it should be fine for most skin type! However, I do think it could be too matte for dry skin beauties out there. I have a semi-dry combo skin, and it can be drying if I don’t moisturize well before applying. Overall, I highly suggest everyone to give Dr.G’s sunscreens a try, it is one of its kind and you won’t regret it!

Thanks for reading my rambles 💖
Stay gorgeous 🌸 till next time~

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  • Tara Reyhani

    Hi what would you recommend for moisturising before applying the sunscreen?


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