HI-REVIEW: Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid

by Amy Xuan

Hi Beauties 💗

As winter is here, our skin might be more prone to problems like moisture loss, flakiness and weakened skin barrier 🙁 So today, I would like to share with you beauties a toner that is perfect for the colder seasons, and designed for those specifically with dry, flaky, and rough skin in mind - the Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid.

Price: $56

Quantity: 150ml

How to use: After using your regular cleanser and drying the face, apply with the hands or cotton pads and pat into the skin and then follow with your regular routine

Key Ingredients

5-Cera Complex: 5-Cera Complex is the star ingredient found in the products of the Dr. Jart Ceramidin line. It is a patented blend of skin supporting ceramides, which promote overall skin health, balancing hydrating levels and are especially great for dry skin. 5- Cera Complex also helps with preventative anti-aging and reversing signs of aging damage.

Panthenol: Panthenol is a natural provitamin of B5, which acts to restore and replenish overall skin health and attract moisture to the skin.
It also helps to brighten the skin, and leave it looking dewy and glowing

Glycerin: Glycerin is another great ingredient for dry skin which attracts and binds moisture into the skin, and provides a long moisture hold, leaving the skin smooth and soft as well as more visibly hydrated. Glycerin also has anti-inflammatory properties together with anti-aging benefits.

This product is formulated Without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates. It has also been dermatologist tested.

Personal opinion

The liquid is described on the box as “a moisturizing toner that infuses skin with essential hydration”. I have always heard people raving about the Ceramidin line for its intense moisturizing, and skin barrier strengthening benefits 💪 As the weather gets colder and more dry, this line becomes even more appealing to me.

It comes in a small and cute square tube, and is travel-friendly. The downside being that you only get 150ml of the product which is not a lot for a toner. But the thick consistency of this toner means that you only need a tiny bit for each application. Therefore, 150ml will actually last for quite a long time and you get a fairly good value for your money.

It has a fresh herbally scent that is not overly strong and does not smell like a bunch of added chemicals. But if you are picky about fragrances in your skincare then you should definitely test it out at one of our stores before you make your purchase.

I was very surprised when I first tried this toner, because it almost has the consistency of a lotion. It felt much thicker than your average toner, not super watery and has more of a viscous, almost creamy feel to it. The unique texture of this toner allows it to be spread smoothly over skin. Despite the thicker texture, it does not feel heavy on the skin and gets absorbed fairly quickly.

I tried this toner for one month during the change of seasons because that’s usually when my skin gets more dry. I was so impressed right after the first application because of its unique texture and how it left with a super moisturized and glowy finish on my skin.

I like to layer the toner 2-3 times as I feel like that way it provides sufficient moisture which lasts for a whole day. When using the toner, I could skip my serum and just use a very lightweight moisturiser on top.

This liquid also claims to plump and seal dull skin, as well as strengthening skin barrier with the power of ceramides. I have definitely noticed my skin becoming more smooth and soft with a healthy glow, but I will need to use it for a longer period of time for optimum effects.

Overall, this Ceramidin toner is deeply nourishing, and leaves my skin with a beautiful, healthy glow. Although Dr Jart recommends this product for “very dry skin”, I personally think it would actually be suitable for all skin types, especially during the dry seasons. If you have normal skin, just simply use it as a toner and serum two in one; if you have really dry skin, it would be a good idea to layer the product and then follow up with a creamy moisturiser like the Dr Jart ceramidin cream.

Thank you for reading till the end.

See you guys in the next review and let’s be pretty 💓

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