HI-REVIEW: Dr. Jart+ Dermask Ultra Jet Porecting Solution Sheet Mask 🖤

by Yery Choi

Feel like your pores have doubled due to New Zealand's past hot summer? Ugh, same. We have all tried products that claim to minimise pores but didn’t get the results we wanted. The Dr Jart Porecting Solution will porect your pore-blems away 😀Price: $26

Quantity: 5 masks

How to use:

  1. Cleanse and apply toner
  2. Peel off and discard the film liner and apply to face
  3. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes after you feel beginning to bubble
  4. Remove mask and gently pat into skin
  5. Do not rinse off

!!The discard film is also black but thinner and more plastic-like than the sheet itself!!Unlike any of the other Dr Jart masks, the activated charcoal sheet helps to purify pores by absorbing impurities. This mask also bubbles up (quite like the carbonated piggy) due to the soapberry tree extract. The bubbles help cleanse and purify the skin without causing irritation. And with the Deep Pore Care Complex and Surface Pore Care Complex specially formulated by Dr Jart helps to tighten enlarged pores and control excess oils. Perfect mask for those with enlarged pores or oily skin!^Right after application^Circulating motions with finger^5 mins after application   

Personal thoughts

After application, it only took a few seconds for the mask to start bubbling up. I could hear the popping/fizzing noise (kinda like a soft drink). However, unlike other “bubbling/ fizzing” products, it did not give any sort of discomfort or irritation to my skin. It is also recommended to circulate your skin softly using your fingers as it helps the bubble to foam up much more effectively. Within minutes my face was covered with small white bubbles and I could start feeling the popping sensation (but wasn’t any sort of unpleasant feeling). After 10~20 minutes, I removed the product and the remaining essence on my skin felt quite sticky ("jjondeuk-jjondeuk" like mochi) which helped by leaving my pores feeling tighter and "jjon-jjon"? (firming) but without drying out my skin.

Overall, I noticed that my pores and skin texture became cleaner, tidier and smoother.  My pores did look minimised and felt tightened but also noticed that it wasn't permanent (obviously!). I would recommend to use this mask once every week to not only minimize the look of pores but help deep clean the skin, contributing to making the skin look clearer and more refined!PEACE OUT PORES

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