HI-REVIEW: Dual Wide Eyes Mascara [#1 Black x Black]

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Hi beauties!

Today I will be trying a mascara from a household name in K-beauty - Etude House’s Dual Wide Eyes Mascara! I’m really picky when it comes to mascara since my eyes are really watery, so let’s see if this one lives up to the hype!Product Description: Express fresh eye makeup by opening up each eyelash hidden on the front, back, under and upper area of the eyes.

Price: $26NZD

Quantity: 8.5g (5g + 3.5g)

Etude House is known for it’s cute and innovative packaging, and this is true for the Dual Wide Eyes Mascara as well! It is a dual type waterproof mascara which opens up two ways, having one brush for the upper lashes and one for the lower lashes. There are also labels for which wand is upper or under which is really helpful! I tried this in the colour black since I really like a bold eye look.

The upper brush bristles are really dense, which helps to seperate the lashes and creates a full volume effect. It also feels really nice to use as the wand itself is quite springy. Since the bristles are a lot more dense on the upper wand, it does pick up a lot of product so I found that applying 2 thin coats gave me the best application with minimal clumping. I would definitely curl lashes before application as there is little to no curling effect!The under brush is my favourite part! The bristles is actually at a 30 degree angle which makes it a lot easier to apply in hard to get areas like the inter eye corner. Since there are less bristles it creates a really natural effect on the under eye lashes, and really brightens and opens up the eyes overall!I’m really impressed with the formula of this mascara! Since my eyes are so watery mascara usually doesn’t last all day on me, but this is almost completely smudge and cry-proof! I experimented with different amounts and found that the more I wear on my bottom lashes the more it is likely to transfer under my eyes but it is probably because my lashes are so long! The formula is more on the wet side but it dries so fast so you do have to work quite quickly. I especially like the under brush - you can also use it on your top lashes for a more natural look!However since the formula is so waterproof it is really hard to take off - micellar water users, it’s time to bring out an oil cleanser! I use an eye make remover first and then follow up with an oil cleanser to make sure it is all off.

Overall, I would really recommend, especially for the price! It really defines your lashes and gives a wider, brighter look to your eyes. Watery eyes test passed! Just make sure to wash it off properly :)

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  • Marika

    I bought one of these from Etude House when I was in Korea in December. I loved it so much that I made it my mission to get another one before leaving Korea as I didn’t know if I could get it here. I love how thin the formula is in comparison to my normal Maybelline while still providing good coverage. I don’t end up with big chunks of mascara all over the place which makes the overall look more natural and professional looking.

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