HI-REVIEW: Espoir Taping Cover Cushion

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Hey Beauties 💖

I’m super excited to be introducing the Espoir Taping Cover Cushion to you all today! It is one of our newer editions to the Hikoco store and one I’ve been eyeing out the shade #25N for a while now 👀

This cushion has...“Taping Technique Formula with excellent adhesion. Completes long-lasting makeup using the sweat, sebum, and oil-resistant effect. Provides high coverage and comfortable wear”. If you’re interested in more, keep on reading~ :)

Price: $48

Quantity: 13g x 2 (comes with an extra refill!)

Sun Protection: SPF25 PA++

Shades: Ivory (#21), Petal (#22), Tan (#25)

The Espoir Taping Cover Cushion comes in 8 shades in total. Hikoco currently stocks 3 of these shades! For those who struggle with picking shades, I FEEL YOU! Although I am fairly light-skinned, I am wearing Tan in #25. 

Here’s a picture of my skin with indoor lighting as a reference: 

This cushion has a slightly yellow-based tone which is flattering for those with more warmer skin tones but could be daunting for those with cool skin tones. It reminds me of the Clio base products.


The Espoir Taping Cover Cushion is a simple and sleek design, nothing particularly unique or different compared to other cushion designs. It is thinner than I initially imagined, but it makes it great for travelling around with!

As all cushions, they come with a cushion puff for application. This particular sponge is the same material all the way through, meaning it can get quite dirty on the top.

Coverage & Finish

Honestly, this covered a lot more than I expected. I would say that it has a medium coverage that can build to a high coverage compared to other cushions on the market! 

It has a velvety texture, almost in between dewy and semi-matte appearance that isn’t drying. On my dry patches, there was very minimal flaking from this product which is great. As it has higher coverage it can take a bit more time to blend seamlessly. For my skin, I did experience quite a lot of creasing around my forehead and smile lines if I didn’t add powder 🙁

As an acne-prone girl, I can definitely appreciate a cushion that can cover blemishes and redness flawlessly. It can completely hide my redness in a single application! To hide big blemishes and dark circles, I did have to apply a bit extra to cover - but for the most part a single application was enough for me. For those of us with big pores… this does a pretty amazing job at covering and concealing any blackheads you have as well. 


For my skin, the Taping Cover Cushion would last around 3-4 hours without any powder which isn’t long - but because of how easy it is to reapply this wasn’t much of an issue. As I have dry-combination skin, my T-zone would get quite oily at the 5 hour mark if I didn’t reapply which could be an issue for those with oily skin. But, a plus about this product was the fact that it breaks down beautifully without any patches! This means although it has low longevity, it doesn’t become cakey and patchy before you reapply which I really enjoyed.

In my opinion, the Espoir Taping Cover Cushion is a well-rounded fantastic cushion! The star quality definitely being its ability to be high coverage but also have a great finish that isn’t super drying on the skin. I think the best technique for applying this cushion is a thin single layer to cover pores and small blemishes and then add small amounts of concealer to areas that need it the most. 

Hope this blog is able to help those window shopping adventures ✨

Thanks for reading! 

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  • Deanna

    Thank you for the honest review. This is something I would like to read before trying a mew product. Very much appreciate it.

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