HI REVIEW: Etude Play Colour Eyes [#Rose Wine]

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Hi Beauties~ Hope everyone is having a good day!

Recently we’ve gotten the newest Etude eye palettes in stock at HIKOCO. I managed to get my hands on the sparkly pink-toned Rose Wine Palette. Keep scrolling for an in depth review about the palette ☺️

Price: $33

Quantity: 10g (10x1g)

The packaging is relatively similar to other classic Etude palettes! It comes with a nice wide mirror with two applicators and in addition to how thin the palette is, these palettes are nice to bring on the go!

In this palette, we have 4 glitter shades, 4 matte shades and 2 shimmer shades. Despite the pink packaging, there are actually a nice variety of shades! #Baked Brie Cheese and #Grape Tree are both neutral matte brown colours that can be the base of multiple looks, not just a warm toned looks! 

The matte colours are super wearable, and most importantly, apply beautifully. I was initially afraid the matte colours would be super chalky 😅 The most interesting shade is #4 Clink, which contains both fine and chunky champagne and pinky glitters. This is really a statement shade that can be used for more dramatic looks ✨

The most unique thing about the palette are the glitter shades which have a jelly texture. The jelly formulation helps adhere better onto the lid but is more fiddly to apply 🤔 I found it easier to apply with my fingers rather than using a brush. 


Daily Neutral Look ✨

  • Start with sweeping #2 and #3 all over the lid and under the eye to create a natural contour
  • Apply #6 shimmer in the centre of the lid using a finger to highlight
  • To add more pop to the eye look, add glitter by lightly dabbing #5 in the centre, on top of #6.
  • Line the eyes using a dark brown #9 to create more definition to our eye shape
  • Finish the look with a brown eyeliner and mascara~

    Pinky Dramatic Look 💖

    • Use #7, a matte coral shade as our base for pink eye look. This will make blending easier later

    • Create definition in the eyes by contouring the outer edges using either #3 or #9, both matte brown shades. If you’re going for a more intense look, use the darker #9 shade. 

    • Add a pink shimmer to the inner ⅔’s of the eye using #1

    • To finish the look and create a more dramatic look, sweep a generous amount of #8 pink and pearl glitter to the centre of the lid and the inner corners of the eye to brighten the eye area!  

    • To finish the look, make sure to add mascara and eyeliner 

      Personal Thoughts 

      I’m a big sucker for glitter shades. I love adding glitter to my eyes because it’s such an easy way to bring attention to your eyes without much work! Anyone who has similar sentiments would absolutely LOVE this palette ❤️ I personally enjoy the fact that they have more matte shades compared to shimmer shades as well as the neutral matte shades can be used on a daily basis for any eye look, also the fact that I use shimmer less often.

      The colours in this palette apply nicely and are not chalky at all. However, it’s important to keep in mind that K-beauty eye shadows are lighter and less pigmented than Western eyeshadows as soft and natural looks are more in trend in Asian Beauty. You can gradually build up the eyeshadow, however it will not be as pigmented and dark as western products. 

      The unique jelly texture is definitely something to think about. Personally, I found that the jelly texture was really beneficial for chunky glitters such as #4 Clink, as the jelly texture is more flexible and easy to manipulate the chunky glitter. 

      Overall this is a really great daily palette for those who use glitter often. You can create daily wearable looks but also more deep and dramatic looks 😊 I would highly recommend it for those who are looking for a new palette to give it a try!

      Thanks for reading!

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      • Rachael

        Great review and loved the ‘how to’ section! Thanks :)

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