HI-REVIEW: Heimish Aqua Tone Up Cream 🌧

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“Brighten up your skin tone with natural tone-up effect!”

Hello Beauties! ♥♥

Today, I have brought the ‘Aqua Tone Up Cream’ from Heimish, for those who want natural tone up skin! If you’re concerned about dull, yellowy skin tone this is what you need right now!

Price: $29 NZD

Quantity: 40ml

Heimish Aqua Tone Up Cream is an instant whitening product that brightens your skin tone with natural tone-up effect. It’s basically like a regular cream but it has whitening properties and it makes your skin look youthful and hydrated. It is a natural tone up for both men and women with all skin types!

You can use this tone up cream as your makeup base / cc cream. It makes you look like you have makeup on almost, but it’s just really a cream! 😊The ALL-IN-ONE effects that it has is amazing as well: it brightens complexion, deeply hydrates your skin, providing long-lasting moisture, and it has aqua texture for a smooth, dewy application 💦


ALL skin types, both men and women who wants natural tone up! You can apply on your body as well: knee, elbow etc. wherever you want to brighten up your skin - which is what I did as well. At times I don't want a full on makeup, I use this tone up cream as my minimal makeup for my days at the library 👌🏻


At the final stage of your skincare routine, apply a small amount of product to hands and spread evenly across facial surface or body.

*Do use it before foundation and use as a base, and be aware it does make you skin look lighter, so be prepared to have a darker shaded foundation

*And this cream doesn’t have any sun protection, so you have to apply separately 


  • Its texture is like a moisturizer, so it blends into the skin easily and spread evenly.
  • It’s got an adhesive texture and doesn’t leave any stickiness/greasiness
  • It’s got “air light finish” and feels soft after application and its lightweight texture absorbs into skin softly, providing long-lasting moisture. 
  • This also has a baby-powder like scent


This Aqua Tone Up Cream became my daily product, I’m in love with how it brightens my skin tone naturally. It’s beautiful brightening effect made my skin look so smooth under makeup. After the application, it made my makeup look flawless and I can feel that my skin tone is changing instantly. 

I loved the texture as well, it was very lightweight, and it felt more like a moisturizer but with a brightening function and it glide easily on my skin with super light finish!

These days, I find myself using this tone up cream more than foundation because this cream makes my skin brighter but naturally brighter and it really looks like it’s my own skin.

It is great to wear on days where you don’t want to put too much on your face because you find it too stuffiness. This is the product that I apply as a replacement of foundation / bb cream when I want to put less makeup or sometimes when I’m in rush and I don’t have time to do my base make up.

I hope this blog helped you beauties who were interested in and for those who are looking for a product that brightens their skin tone with natural tone-up effect!

Thank you for reading my review


  • Pj

    Do you apply it first before sunblock?

  • Rose

    Hi, does this have the same result as their ARTLESS GLOW BASE but without the SPF? It seems to have more of a whitening effect?

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