HI-REVIEW: Heimish Bulgarian Rose Satin Cream

by Natalie Ong

Hi Beauties! 🌸

Heimish is an all time HIKOCO fave and I was so excited to try out their rosy face cream! Here are my thoughts on the long awaited Bulgarian Rose Satin Cream ✨.
Price: $49

Quantity: 55ml

Product Description: “Soft on the outside, moist on the insides, Rose petal-like skin.”

How to Use: Spread evenly over face and tap with your hand for more absorption.

The Rose Satin Cream is a double function moisturizer focused on brightening and wrinkle care! It works amazing for both night and daytime 🌚, providing great hydration just like any other intense moisturizers. During the day, the face cream can be used as a great makeup primer, softening skin textures and has a long lasting effect. The Rose Satin Cream greatly improves skin health and texture, a key point to achieve smooth and glowy glass skin 🌝 !

An important key ingredient, is of course, Bulgarian rose water 🌹. The cream is made up of 63% rose water to nourish and soften the skin, as well as providing overall radiant, suppleness. Lactic Acid can also be found in the formula to help with gentle dead skin removal. Other key ingredients includes Vitamin C 🍋and Niacinamide, great for brightening blemishes, uneven skin tone and wrinkle, pore care.

The cream’s formula has got to be one of my favorites so far! The consistency is not exactly watery or balmy, but just like the name, satin-like. It’s not thick or oily at all, easily absorbs and sits on top of your skin comfortably. There is mainly a rosy fragrance, but also with hints of a herbal scent🍃. I personally love this earthy smell, but not everyone is a fan of it. I have to say the tub is so elegant and pretty! The packaging is similar to the Heimish Rose Eyepatches (throwback to my review 👀).


Personal Thoughts

The Rose Satin Cream has became my holy grail for glass skin 💫 ! I was never a big fan of creams, but this has definitely changed my mind. It doesn’t feel heavy but still very moisturizing for day and night. Overnight, my skin texture is so smooth and supple, I was really surprised! I noticed the cream also has a slight brightening and tone up effect, which worked amazing under makeup. I’m overall very impressed at the Rose Satin Cream. So far, my pores has reduced, my skin stayed supple and very glowy!

I recommend this cream to any skin type, especially those looking for wrinkle and brightening care. Since it’s not too intense and heavy, it would work for most skin type. However for the sensitive beauties, I can’t guarantee the Vitamin C or Rose Water will have any side effects on your delicate skin 🤧. Other than that, I highly suggest anyone to come in and give it a try, it will not disappoint!


Thanks for reading my rambles 💖

Stay gorgeous 🌸 till next time~


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