HI-REVIEW: I’m From Pear Soothing Pad

by Charlotte Wright

Vegan beauty is a buzz word at the moment and for good reason. As consumption increases and product shelf life decreases, we should be more aware of where our cosmetics are coming from and what mark they will leave on the planet. 

I’m From is a great place to start, they have three core promises that flow through to all their products: Open Composition, Honest Farming, Natural Texture. Joined with their commitment to sustainability, I’m From are truly leading the way in vegan beauty.

Price: $35

Quantity: 125ml/60pads

This month we are focusing on the Pear Soothing Pads from the new Pear range which also includes a Pear Serum. These products are to be used together to achieve elevated results.

These products focus on the Wild Pear Extract which is harvested naturally from the Beagun Mountain in Korea, the main active ingredient in pears is Luteolin which is a naturally occurring flavonoid found in many fruits. The role in its natural environment is to protect the plant from UV exposure therefore it is considered a great line of defense for the skin barrier. With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it is slowly becoming a common ingredient for treating a range of sensitive skin conditions.

The Pear Soothing Pads also include our friend hyaluronic acid, with its ability to absorb 1000 times its own weight in water it is a great addition to this product.

The real point of difference is the cotton pads themselves. They are made of vegan unbleached cotton which is 100% biodegradable in soil within 20 days. I am partial to a cotton pad product due to the convenience of them, but I always feel guilty about the additional waste I am creating. This product means I can have my ease of use without the environmental draw backs. 

My experience 

I enjoyed this product more than I expected. As someone with quite calm skin I wasn’t sure how much of an effect it would have on me. Even though I didn’t see any big differences, my skin felt so plump and hydrated. The act of wiping the pads across my skin was as much mentally soothing as it was physically!

The pads themselves are slightly textured so they give a very gentle exfoliating feel, I find they are a great size at 2.55 inches and as they are so generous soaked in serum, I only ever need one pad to cover my whole face and neck. They have a very slight natural pear smell, almost unnoticeable. 

I asked a friend of mine who suffers from sensitive and irritated skin to also try these pads to understand the full intended effects. She claimed her redness was slightly reduced and they definitely deliver the soothing and cooling properties promised. 

One of the main things I really like about this product is the packaging, the pot feels good quality, almost luxury. It is large, solid and has a lovely transparent look. With a snugly closing lid to keep the pads moist and the little tweezers provided to keep them hygienic this product was well thought out. I know once the pads run out, I will keep this pot for future use, plus it looks gorgeous on my vanity!

I’m From is a great brand to get on board with. Their principles are aligned to how we should be trying to think about our beauty products. 

The Pear Soothing Pad is one of those rare products which is great for all skin types and I can imagine grabbing this on a hot summer day to cool off when you’ve sent a few too many hours in the sun. For people with sensitive or irritated skin this product will be amazing to have on hand, for either everyday use or when you are having a flare up to bring you some soothing relief. 

In these trying times we could all use a little bit of that 😊 

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