HI-REVIEW: I'm From Ginseng Serum🌟

by Zoey Lim

Hi Beauties~ 💛

This month I had the chance to try out I’m From’s Ginseng Serum, which I was really excited to receive, as I’m From has always been in my top 3 favourite skincare brands 👼 I’m a big fan of their Mugwort Essence and Honey Mask, so I had full confidence that this product would work in my favour too ✨Price: $39

Quantity: 30ml

Product description“Naturally prepare your skin with ginseng serum” 

How to use:

  1. After cleansing, apply an adequate amount to your face, and spread out into a thin layer using the tips of your fingers.
  2. After applying the serum, gently wrap your face with the palms of your hands and use its heat to help your skin absorb the serum’s nutrients.
  3. Use daily at morning and night for best results.

I love the minimal packaging of this serum - a simple see-through glass dropper bottle with an opaque golden brown liquid in it. And now, after personally using this serum for four weeks continuously, I think it’s time I share my experience and thoughts with you guys 💫The I’m From Ginseng Serum is a MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) certified anti-wrinkle product 👏 This serum is formulated with 7.98% of concentrated ginseng extract and claims to increase elasticity, nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Ginseng is a very well known ingredient in anti-aging skincare around the world. It is definitely more popular in Asian countries - ancient Chinese beauty history says that ginseng is ‘the herb of youth’ 🍂 Products like this are often recommended for middle-aged (above 30 years old) skin, as its ingredients would benefit them most! Still, no harm for a 23 year old like me to soak up some ginseng too 😘

On first application, the texture of this serum reminds me of a runny gel 💧 It has a nice consistency, it’s not too thick (which is great for my oily-combination skin) and slightly sticky. Scent-wise, it lightly smells of burnt caramel 🍮 with herby/woody notes 🌲 from the ginseng. Excuse my poor description skills, but it sort of reminds me of a herb candy of some sort! 

I am really pleased that this serum is a highly hydrating and plumping one. It makes my skin feel bouncy and appear soft and glowy almost instantly (I assume it’s because of the silicon derivate Cyclopentasiloxane, an excellent lubricant that sufficiently stretches water layers on the surface of the skin to improve your moisture barrier).


At the three week mark, I’m noticing that the serum is performing very well in maintaining my skin’s natural health. There is no lack of hydration in my nose area where it’s dry most of the time, and I haven’t had any acne or bumps either, thanks to the Glycyrrhiza Uralensis (Licorice) Root Extract. Additionally, my BB cream applies VERY nicely on top of this serum 🥰

I think this serum would work great for literally any skin type! Though my younger skin probably isn’t the best for testing when it comes to anti-aging effects, my once dull skin feels plumped and the serum’s ingredients itself will definitely help to prevent aging signs over a longer period of time. 

Overall, I have grown to love this serum very much, and it has made it to my favourites list for sure! It’s doing a wonderful job with making sure my skin doesn’t go a minute without glowing 24/7 - and you, combination-dehydrated fam, know how much of a struggle it is to achieve that! 😩 

Thanks for reading my beauties, continue to pamper your skin as always 🌟 Let’s be pretty!

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