HI-REVIEW: Isntree Fresh Green Tea Serum

by Cindy Lu

Hi Beauties <3 

We hear so much about drinking green tea, eating matcha desserts, but also, using Green Tea skincare products! As skincare enthusiasts, I’m sure you have tried at least ONE product with Green Tea in it! 

A product that was highly spoken about in the skincare influencer space was actually the Isntree Fresh Green Tea Toner! But today, I will be reviewing its partner from the same line, the Isntree Fresh Green Tea Serum.

Price: $38

Quantity: 50ml


Product Features

The serum is packaged in a nice heavy-duty glass, which gives it a ‘expensive’ and luxurious feel to it **. 

The thing that surprised me the most was the colour of the product! The serum is a reddish-brown colour which according to Isntree, is all natural - created by the high concentration of green tea in the product.

The serum itself is not particularly viscous or watery with no fragrance. It applies evenly, drying down with a non-sticky, lightweight texture. 

In terms of the ingredients, the serum is made up of 77% of Jeju Green Tea Extract. Green tea is known to be a fantastic antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient. This is why we often see this ingredient in our skincare products as it is a great addition to products to help soothe irritated skin.

Isntree also claims that this product has an ingredient called Anti-Sebum P, which can help combat oil and sebum production. So while this product is able to alleviate any irritation, it is able to fight congestion and improve the texture of the skin! Other ingredients such as Panthenol, Niacinamide and Allantoin all help contribute to these benefits in the skin as well.


Personal Opinion

I felt that the premise of this product would hugely benefit me since it targets oily-combination skin. As of recently, my acne-combination skin has been leaning more oily than dry as well! I personally found that this product didn’t make drastic changes to my skin. However, that's not to say that it didn’t show ANY benefits!

In terms of the moisturizing effect… I personally felt this product was average. It didn’t feel deeply hydrating on my skin, nor did it make my skin feel plump or fresh. This could be because my skin wasn’t particularly irritated or imbalanced during my time testing this product. The effects in balancing the oil-moisture content would shine more on someone with more inflamed and sensitive skin! I would also assume that with the high concentration of green tea, this product would also be great for anti-inflammation for those with sensitive skin :)

I found subtle changes in my skin overtime - most notably, reduced sebum around my nose area. Everyday mask-wearing has made my T-zone incredibly congested with sebum which is a recipe for disaster as someone with acne-prone skin. When using this product consistently, I noticed the small blemishes around my nose became less noticeable and smoothened my skin texture around that area which was great to see. If you are someone with more oily-normal skin who struggles with either texture issues, this serum would definitely be worth giving a try!

Thanks for reading ❤️

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