by Hazel Sarcilla

Hi Beauties!

What’s your favourite skincare ingredient? I have a lot of favourites and one of them is Vitamin C. Aside from its brightening properties, it promotes collagen production to prevent premature aging. It also protects the skin from free radicals because of UV exposure. I wish I could list them all here but not today because I’ll be talking about KAHI’s version of vitamin C, the Extin C Balm. This is new brand for me but I heard that Kim Go-Eun (the leading actress of Goblin, and The King: Eternal Monarch series) uses their products so I got really excited to be trying out products that were used by actors/actresses.

Price: $66NZD

Quantity: 9g

Description: Visibly improved skin with 3 step melanin care in only 7 days.

How to use: At the last step of skincare, gently spread over the face or areas where pigmentation is a concern.

Key Features

Contains 26% of concentrated British Vitamin C: 

This helps your skin absorb Vitamin C much quicker than other Vitamin C derivatives to provide an overall bright complexion without the stickiness.

3 Step Melanin Care: 

Melanin is responsible for the pigment of our eyes, skin and hair. It is also protects us against UV light. However, melanin could also build up and cause darkening of the skin which can be called hyperpigmentation. This product is ideal for blemishes and melanin care:

  • It protects against melanin stimulation.
  • Controls melanin production.
  • Prevents melanin expansion.

Wrinkle & Moisture Care:

  • Contains salmon complex of 3 which nourishes wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, and provides hydration.
  • Uses Jeju natural oils such as Schisandra berries, Carrot root extract, Beta carotene, & carrot seed oil to provide proper moisture. 

Personal Experience

This product is a first for me because I’ve never applied Vitamin C in balm form and I never thought that I’d like it as much! I love how it easily glides onto my skin. It does not pill on top of my other skincare products and no stickiness at all! I use 1-2 times a day, mostly during my nighttime routine focusing on my blemishes. I apply it on the areas of concern and gently dab it to make sure its properly absorbed. This would be the last step in my nighttime routine but my second to the last step in the morning (before sunscreen) because you need to give it time to absorb before going out to not lose its effectiveness.

I wasn’t sure if there was a significant change after a week of using it but halfway to second week, I notice my acne scars and dark spots fading slowly. It also feels moisturising. Despite the change in season (Winter to Spring), I still feel chilly and experience dryness but this product helped keeping me moisturised.

My only concerns were its size and price. I think it’s too small for the price. However, I’m not an expert when it comes to how much each of the ingredients are. 

Overall, I’d recommend this product to all people who would like to try something different than their usual Vitamin C. It’s an easy-to-use product that works well with all skin types but it would be mostly beneficial to oily-skin types. Just don’t forget to let it absorb properly in the morning to let it work its magic.

See you on my next review!

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