HI-REVIEW: Klairs All-Day Airy Sunscreen

by Kate Garside

You might have heard of the SPF sunscreen scandals back in 2020 where a bunch of our most loved sunscreens were taken off shelves due to them not being totally up-to-spec with their SPF ratings. 😢 Well, your day is about to get a whole lot better, because Klairs are back (and better than ever!) with their All Day Airy Sunscreen, and this time it’s here to stay! 😍

Price: $35

Quantity: 50ml

How to Use: Evenly apply an adequate amount in the last step of your skincare routine on areas that are exposed to UV rays.

All-Day Airy Sunscreen SPF Index Results 50+ at 3 different clinical institutions.

2021, Dear, Klairs announced that all sunscreen products released in the future will undergo thorough UV Protection (SPF) tests. In the case of Dear, Klairs All Day Airy Sunscreen, it has confirmed the results of SPF 50+ PA++++ after performing the tests at 3 clinical testing institutions.

To understand more about how this sunscreen works (and why it’s so effective!) we need to delve a little bit into the science of how sunlight and damage works. Sunlight can be split into four categories, but we’re going to focus on the one most important for skincare lovers. Ultraviolet light (UV). UVs can then be split into two types, UVB and UVA rays. UVB rays have a shorter wavelength and are responsible for burning your skin and causing things like freckles and dark spots. On the other hand, UVA rays have a longer wavelength and are responsible for aging your skin and causing even worse damage like skin cancer.

This sunscreen comes with a high SPF rating of 50+, which has been tested by 3 different clinical institutions, and the highest PA (UVA protection) rating possible. It’s a really nice half-creamy, half-watery texture and I found it soaks into my skin quite quickly, which is awesome for when I'm in a rush to get out the door!


Personal Experience

I’ve always struggled to find sunscreens for my face as they always feel too thick or sticky so this sunscreen is a really nice alternative to a lot of those thick, greasy sunscreens. I usually apply it first thing in the morning and it absorbs pretty fast, which is awesome for when I'm in a rush or I want to wear makeup on top of it. I love how it protects against UVA rays as it means I don’t need to worry about sun protection whilst I'm out traveling or at uni/work!

As someone with normal/oily skin I've found that this sunscreen is a tiny bit greasy even once it’s completely soaked in. It doesn’t bother me too much as you can get rid of this with a little bit of powder. It’s also really hydrating and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated even after I've removed it. If I’m outside all day I usually re-apply half way through the day to make sure I get the most sun protection I can.

I think this sunscreen would be awesome for those beauties with normal to dry skin as it’s nicely hydrating. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE how this sunscreen doesn’t leave a white cast. 🙌. On top of all that, it's also specially formulated for sensitive skin, although I do find that my eyes get a tiny bit irritated by it if I'm not careful with applying it around my eyes.

In summary, this is a fab sunscreen that’s super easy to use and will be good for all year round sun protection, and I'm excited to keep using it as we head into the hotter spring/summer months!

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