HI-REVIEW: Klairs Fundamental Watery Oil Drop

by Zoe Roche

If you dabble in the Korean skincare world, I’m sure Klairs is no stranger to you and in fact, their cult favourite Vitamin C serum was one of the first Korean skincare products I’ve tried. So I’m actually very excited to try this and introduce you to their Klairs’ Fundamental Watery Oil Drop! 


The Fundamental Watery Oil Drop is a water-based serum with the rich hydration of a facial oil. This oil-like moisturising serum provides regeneration and antioxidation. It is recommended to those who want all the benefits of an oil product without the oily finish.

How to use: Apply 2-3 drops on cleansed face, treat this as the serum step. Follow with moisturiser.  

Scent: Contains no fragrance hence no noticeable scent.

Packaging: Simple glass packaging with a glass dropper.

Price: $48

Quantity: 50mL

Now, let’s break the ingredient list up! From reading the product description and the ingredient list, there are a few notable ingredients that are worth mentioning!

Green Tea Water – provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits 

Oryza Sativa Extract – also known as rice extract. It contains moisturising and antioxidant properties to maintain soft and smooth skin. 

Bifida Ferment Extract – this is a probiotic ingredient that protects and repairs the skin barrier. 

Ceramides – MVP for improving skin barrier

Peptides – are known to stimulate collagen production and hence have the benefit of smoothing fine lines/wrinkles and increasing skin firmness.

The main focus of this product is to deliver the hydration and antioxidants, with the ceramides and peptides being more of an added benefit to help with anti-aging. 


When I came across this product, my first reaction was: how is a watery oil drop possible? how can watery and oil be describing the same product?

Well….in my humble opinion, yes and no. In short, it is a serum that provides both hydration and nourishment to the skin as claimed. However, there is no oil ingredient in this product. But I think the “oil” description comes through in the nourishing finish, giving you a nice subtle glow mimicking an oil-containing product. While the finish becomes slightly oily to the touch, it is nowhere near an oil-containing product. However, I wouldn’t consider this as lightweight either and would say it leaves the skin feeling nourished rather than greasy.

Noting Klairs recommended 2-3 drops per use, but once you apply up to 5-6 drops or go in with a second layer, the finishes become noticeably heavier...in a good way! As a dry skin gal, I love it but if you have oily skin and enjoy your lightweight finishes, I would suggest being more cautious with the amount~

I honestly don’t have any complaints about the product itself except this might be too heavy for a humid summer day. Just like how we have different clothing for different seasons, this is a serum that every skin type can benefit from in different climates; whether it’s oily skin in colder weather or dry skin on a normal day. I tested this out during spring, and I personally don’t think it’s a replacement for a facial oil, at least not for my dry skin during the coldest month.

Just like Klairs’ Fundamental line suggests, their Watery Oil Drop is a simple hydrating serum that does what it claims to be, a “fundament” to your skincare routine. On the other hand, this is perfect for pairing with active ingredients (chemical exfoliation and retinol) to give you the hydration boost (and trust me, your skin will thank you for it)!

Hope you find this review helpful! Wishing you a good skin day xx

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