HI-REVIEW: Klairs Mid Day Blue UV Shield ☀️

by Amy Xuan

Hi beauties 💗

I am back with another review on the Klairs newest physical sunscreen - the Mid Day Blue UV Shield!! I was really excited to try it out because Klairs has recently upgraded the formula of the older version of this sunscreen so it is now more hydrating, calming and lightweight on the skin 😍

Price: $36

Quantity: 80ml

How to use:

Apply an adequate amount of sunscreen all over the face during day time.

This product is a SPF 50/PA++++ physical sunscreen so it contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the main ingredients to protect your skin against UVA/UVB. Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide act to form a barrier on top of the skin to reflect UV rays, hence UV rays cannot penetrate through the skin. The sunscreen itself also sits on top of the skin and is less irritating compared to chemical sunscreens. As a result of these mineral powders, physical sunscreens usually leave a white cast. However Klairs has improved their formula so instead, it provides a natural tone-up effect 👍 

Guaiazulene is the ingredient found in the product giving it its pale blue colour. Guaiazulene is a great calming/soothing agent derived from the chamomile plant. Therefore this sunscreen helps to reduce any irritations from the UV rays.  Tocopherol is also found in this sunscreen which is an antioxidant with anti aging benefits and protects skin from free radical damages.

Personal Thoughts

This sunscreen has a cream like consistency but once I spread it out onto the skin it does not feel as heavy as the other physical sunblocks I tried before and has a cooling feeling to it.

As I mentioned above, instead of leaving a thick white cast, this sunscreen has a natural brightening effect and provides a bit of shine/glow to the skin. Therefore it would be perfect for those beauties who don’t usually wear base makeup but want to look more fresh and glowy. Additionally, this product sits well under makeup which is definitely a bonus 💯

The product is formulated with a small portion of ‘allergen-free’ fragrance which has been tested out to be sensitive-safe. The scent is a little bit strong for my liking, however it has not caused me any irritations or skin problems after using it for one month.

Comparison with Klairs soft UV essence

Since the Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence is another best selling sunscreen we have at HIKOCO, I thought I’d do a quick comparison to hopefully help you find the more suitable product for yourself.

Klairs Soft UV Essence is a chemical sunscreen. It is thinner than the Mid Day Blue UV Shield and has a more moisturising application. The Soft UV Essence does not have any brightening effects and is less shiny/glowy than the Mid Day Blue UV Shield. 

So overall, I would recommend the soft UV essence for beauties whose skin is not very sensitive and is combination to dryThe Mid Day Blue UV Shield would be better suited for normal to oily skin and those with sensitive skin who wants a bit of brightening and glow.

Thank you for reading till the end and don’t forget to wear sunscreens daily cuz it’s so important!!

See you guys in the next blog and let’s be pretty💓

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