HI-REVIEW: Mixsoon Bean Cream

by Vanessa Catterson

Hi Beauties! If you’re interested in the latest K-Beauty skincare trends, I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Mixsoon Bean range by now. After trying it out, I can 100% say it is worth the hype! Today, we’ll be focusing on the Mixsoon Bean Cream from this range.

Price: $47

Quantity: 50ml

How to use: After toner, spread over face, letting the skin absorb it. It can also be used overnight as a sleeping pack to support the natural processes of repairing damaged skin, and rejuvenating the tissue of the deep layers of the skin.

Product features

The K-beauty secret that is making an impact in the skincare world right now is fermented ingredients. By incorporating many fermented ingredients such as Korean pear, pomegranate, and more, this cream comes with a load of benefits.

Fermentation creates molecules like peptides, lactic acid and hyaluronic acid, and can enhance the production of ceramides, which form the skin barrier and supports moisture retention. They also help to stimulate the production of skin’s natural antimicrobial peptides, helping to regulate pathogenic or acne causing bacterial levels.


The Mixsoon Bean Cream is enriched with Lactobacillus/Soybean Ferment Extract that improves hydration and strengthens the skin barrier. It also promotes hyaluronic acid and collagen production which create smoother, plumper skin. Lactobacillus is well-known for having antioxidant qualities that help shield the skin from harm caused by free radicals. It can even lessen acne and other skin blemishes too!

Personal Review

In terms of texture, this product is very creamy and smooth. I find that it isn't as thick as I had originally imagined considering it’s a rich cream! It glides onto the skin, applies smoothly without leaving a greasy film and holds moisture super well!

I occasionally get quite a bit of acne but I can happily say after using this cream, I’m not getting acne as often as I did. Adding such great quality ingredients like the soybean ferment extract has been a game changer for me! 

Because I’m still recovering from my dehydrated skin, the fermented Korean pear extract also helps! Fermented pears are high in vitamin A, and very hydrating. Products with this ingredient are excellent for preventing dehydration and are especially recommended to those with dry skin types, but oily/combination skin types can benefit from them too.

All in all, my skin feels incredibly hydrated and radiant! I love that this cream has minimal, but very specific ingredients to target specific skin concerns. I tend to have better luck with products that have minimal ingredients.

Fermented ingredients are also great for skin texture. My bumps significantly reduced within days since I started using this moisturiser, and my skin feels a lot smoother. Overall my skin has improved so much. I love that this cream retains moisture well, even overnight! There’s nothing worse than having to reapply moisturiser over and over again.

To the Beauties that wear makeup, this cream is an amazing base for it. It doesn’t turn your makeup cakey and holds so well all day!

Until next time, bye Beauties!

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