HI-REVIEW: Mizon Pore Fresh Mild Acid Gel Cleanser (+ Nose Pack)

by Zoe Roche

Hey Beauties!

Today, I'm diving into the details of a cleanser that's been a staple in my skincare arsenal – the Mizon Pore Fresh Mild Acid Gel Cleanser. Now this product is not just another cleanser in the sea of skincare; it's a game-changer for anyone seeking balance, effectiveness, and a touch of skin science.

Price: $26

Quantity: 150ml

How to Use: Create a lather with the gel. Once sufficient, massage into skin before rinsing off with lukewarm water.

Product Description

Mizon's Pore Fresh Mild Acid Gel Cleanser is a standout product for a few key reasons. Firstly, its pH-balanced formula, sitting comfortably at 5.5~6.5, is a dream for anyone conscious about maintaining their skin's health and natural barrier. This mild acidity ensures that while you cleanse, you're not stripping your skin but rather keeping it in its happy, healthy state.

The cleanser also includes Houttuynia Cordata, a plant extract known for its soothing and antioxidant properties, making it a saviour for irritated or stressed skin. Then there's Rosemary Leaf Oil which keeps it elastic and bright. Such gentle ingredients make sure that anyone can use this cleanser, including those with sensitive skin!

Personal Review 

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty! When I first got my hands on this cleanser, I was coming out of a skincare rut. My skin was crying out for something gentle yet efficient, and the Mizon cleanser seemed promising. 

The first thing that struck me was its texture. The cleanser had a gel-like consistency that was neither too thick nor too runny – a perfect middle ground. As I massaged it into my skin, it dissolved and created a very mild foam. This lather felt soothing, not abrasive, a refreshing change from the usual harshness of other cleansers.

Over the weeks, I noticed subtle yet significant changes. I’d been having pretty bad breakouts, but after a few weeks my blackheads were noticeably reduced! The cleanser's gentle exfoliating properties were able to effectively buff away dead skin cells without causing irritation.

The real test, however, was its makeup-removing capability. As someone who often wears waterproof makeup, I need a cleanser that can handle heavy-duty cleaning without being rough on my skin. To my delight, the Mizon cleanser effortlessly melted away makeup, leaving no residue behind. It was effective yet gentle, a rare combination in the world of skincare cleansers.

For those wanting an even deeper cleansing experience, I’d recommend using the cleanser alongside the Mizon Pore Fresh Nose Pack. As the cleanser softens the skin, it allows the nose pack to effectively remove blackheads without harsh peeling or discomfort. It's a gentle yet efficient combo for clearer, smoother skin.

In closing, the Mizon Gel Cleanser is not just another cleanser; it's a skincare staple that respects your skin's natural balance while delivering effective cleansing. It's rare to find a product that ticks so many boxes – gentle, pH-balancing, effective, and a makeup-melting marvel. Pair it with the occasional use of the Mizon Fresh Clear Nose Pack, and you've got yourself a winning skincare combo.

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