HI-REVIEW: Olens Russian Velvet Blue💙

by Lizzie Catterson

Hi beauties!💕

I finally made the move from wearing glasses to contacts this year, and have been loving the O-lens coloured contacts that are stocked at Hikoco. Luckily I was able to try O-lens Russian Velvet Blue contacts from the highly popular line, known for it’s high pigmentation! 

Price: $35 NZD

Colour: Blue

Duration: 1 Month

Total Diameter: 14.0 mm

Graphic Diameter: 12.7 mm

Base Curve: 8.6 mm

Water Content: 38%

Material: HEMA

The box contains one pair of contacts (2 pieces), each hygienically wrapped individually.

*Note that these lenses do not come with a case!

Pigmentation Test 

Naturally, my eyes are quite dark with a thin but almost black ring around my iris. The problem with dark eyes is that lenses have to be pigmented enough to show, but the Russian Velvet Blue has no problem with pigmentation! The fact that some of my natural eye colour blends in with the green and yellow transition pigment also gives it a more natural and vibrant look! ✨

No Makeup

There is no limbal ring on the graphic of these lenses which gives the eyes a wider look. The graphic itself is made up of a fine, pixelated blend of 3 colours, and the diameter is 12.7mm, slightly smaller than the usual 13.00mm, but this isn’t noticeable at all since the pigment itself brightens up the eye 💫

These lenses are super comfortable and easy to put in and take out - despite being so thin and soft, they were really easy to look after. Though I do have naturally quite watery eyes, I wore these for up to 10 hours a day without having to apply eye drops or take them out 💦

Light Makeup

Smokey Eye

Personally, I think this colour looked a bit piercing on me without makeup - since I have such thick and dark eyebrows there was really strong contrast, but beauties with lighter hair and brows would look stunning with these (makeup or not!) These lenses have quickly become a personal favourite of mine since I wear light makeup almost everyday anyway!

I loved softening them out with a natural eye look and they were perfect for a night out with a smokey eye, and just added that extra kick to the look 👏🏻

Overall, I would highly recommend Russian Velvet Blue to those who want to change their look up but don’t want something too intense or unnatural! These lenses are also beginner friendly since they are very easy to put in and remove!

Hope these become your next #EOTD! 👀 💕

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