HI-REVIEW : Peripera Sugar Twinkle Liquid Glitter ✨

by Natalie Ong

Hi Beauties! 🌸
Today’s review would be a little different than my usual skincare reviews and I am so excited to share with you! Hikoco recently brought in Peripera’s SUGAR TWINKLE LIQUID GLITTER, and we got all 3 colors. let’s check it out together ✨

Price: $12

Quantity: 1.9g

Product Description: “ Festive shimmer from every angle. A feast for the eyes a festival of glamorous shimmer! ”

How to Use: Use the concave side of the sugar spoon tip to apply glossy goodness onto your lips.

At first impression, you can see the resemblance with Peripera’s liquid shadow. However the liquid glitter is more of an accent added onto your makeup with more of a glam than natural finish. Staying true to its name, all 3 glitters are bright, sparkly, shimmery and brings that bling bling attention onto your eyes. They are said to look unique under different lighting or angle, and can be used anywhere you desire (even on your nails!).

Each liquid glitter contains more than 65% of moisture for that dewy and smooth application. The water gel formula is adhesive and has a moisture lasting fixing system, creates a lasting flawless effect without clumping or fallout, even on your eyeline! The glitters also come with a thin and delicate brush tip, perfect for that precise application with no inconvenience!

Sugar Twinkle Liquid Glitter comes with 3 colors and they are: 


#1 Glitter Wave

“ An opal holographic glitter, embodies the sparkling light reflecting off the cool summer sea ”

This is my favorite color out of the 3! I’m currently very obsessed with the color purple and galaxy themed anything, and this glitter looks exactly like stars. Glitter Wave is the sparkliest, which is perfect for that bold look or just tap a little onto your inner corners before you start your day. People will definitely notice and compliment your look!


#2 Sodapop Flakes

“ A pink holographic glitter, just like the popping sparkles of a refreshing glass of champagne ”

I would say this is the most wearable color, perfect for adding a bit of shimmer into your everyday look! The pink shade is cute and flattering for your under eyeline or as a glitter shadow on your eyes for that extra bling. It’s not too bright and has such a dreamy and soft effect!



#3 Beaming Sunny Light

“ A sunny coral glitter, that reflects beams of the dazzling sunshine ”

This is such a cute and unique color! It fits amazingly into that summer aesthetic, especially with a coral makeup look. The sunny glitter is definitely more about the color than sparkle. I don’t think I’ve seen many glitters out there that has a coral or orange undertone, so this was so fun to try out!

Personal Thoughts

I was soooooo excited to finally try out all 3 of these adorable glitters, and they did not disappoint! Before liquid glitters, I only use shimmer eyeshadows on special occasions, and they are not always super sparkly. But now, these are so easy to use, I’ve incorporated them into my daily look! Since summer is here, it’s also the best time to flaunt bling bling before dark autumn looks take over ☀️ I believe everyone should give glitters a try, they really change your makeup game and trust me when I say people will notice! To all Beauties, don’t be afraid to look more bold everyday because it all doesn’t matter when you look so goooooooood!!!!! ✨

Thanks for reading my rambles 💖

Stay gorgeous 🌸 

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