HI-REVIEW: The Saem Eco Soul Powerproof Super Slim Eyeliner ✏️

by Yery Choi

Hi beauties!

Im sure some of you have mastered the art of drawing that sexy cat eye wing, or the innocent puppy eye. Or some may just like the ease that comes with a pencil eye liner. Whichever look you rock, The Eco Soul Powerproof Super Slim Eyeliner from The Saem might just be your next best purchase! (Also have a Black colour option!)

Price: $12

Quantity: 0.1g

The Eco Soul Eyeliner from The Saem is an easy to use pencil eyeliner for all our eyelining newbies all the way up to our professional wing-ers! Due to the slim 2mm diameter of the pencil, it is great for precise, thin lines. The creamy texture also makes a hard job done easy! Less pulling of the eyelid with a chalky dry pencil eyeliner = less eye wrinkles!! YAY 🙌🏻

The only way to remove this product is with a good oil cleanser or an eye makeup remover. I’ve trialed a few difference methods to try remove the eyeliner and I’ll show you the results:

I tried to smudge this product using my hands (first test) and it did NOT work (unless I rubbed it hard enough to irritate my skin). It also cannot be removed with only water (second test). This could actually be a pro or a con as some people dislike makeup that is hard to remove, however, this can definitely be a pro if you’re going swimming or if you just know you’ll be crying 😢  No-one wants panda eyes for ANY occasion. Although this eyeliner is definitely hard to remove with just friction and water, any good oil cleanser or eye makeup remover should do the trick (third test)!

Also another important factor is that after you apply your eyeliner, leave it for a few sec to allow it to fix. If you smudge it straight after you apply before giving it some time, it WILL smudge. I usually leave it for around 10~15 seconds just to make sure all stays put!

Overall, I really love using this eyeliner due to its simplicity and budge-proof results. Usually this product will last me a good day however for even more long lasting results powdering around the eye after applying, or going over your line with the same or similar coloured shadow gives your line a stronger “fix”.

If you wanna test it out for yourselves, then head into HIKOCO Newmarket or City.. Believe me, its POWER proof 🤙🏻



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