HI-REVIEW: Yam Root Vegan Milk Toner + Cream

by Vanessa Catterson

Hi Beauties! I hope everyone is as happy as I am with the upcoming sunny weather! Introducing one of my new favourites, this line is exactly what I have been waiting for. I am really excited about it! This time, we're doing things differently. Two reviews! I’ve luckily had the opportunity to review the Isntree Yam Root Vegan Toner and Isntree Yam Root Vegan Milk Cream.

Yam Root Vegan Milk Toner

Price: $28

Quantity: 200ml

How to use: Shake the bottle about 2 to 3 times before use and apply it onto a cotton pad or hands. Apply on entire face and lightly tap into skin for absorption.

Tip: If your skin feels extremely dry on the day, apply 2 to 3 more layers.

Yam Root Vegan Milk Cream

Price: $39

Quantity: 80ml

How to use: In the last step of your skincare routine, take an appropriate amount and apply on the entire face. Lightly smooth over the skin to allow absorption.

Product Features

One of the main ingredients for Isntree’s Yam Root Vegan Milk line is Yam Root extracted from the roots of Andong Yams. Yam Root contains botanical phyto-mucin to strengthen the skin barrier. You're probably aware of the hype for snail mucin. Well, phyto-mucin is entirely plant-based AND has similar benefits as the ever-so-popular snail mucin! This includes its antibacterial, antioxidant, brightening, and skin-healing properties. On top of that, it also helps hydrate dry skin to leave it looking supple and healthy.

Another ingredient is the Vegan Milk Complex which is composed of oats, rice, coconut, and other plant-based ingredients. Some of the benefits include hydration, sebum-control, and brightening! On top of this, Isntree’s Yam Root Vegan Milk line also contains lipid water to support the skin barrier. 

Personal Review

Let’s start with the toner! Because so many of the ingredients in this toner are water based, it has a very thin consistency. I personally LOVE products that are more on the watery side. As I have combination skin, I hate putting on products that are too heavy for my skin. When I first tried this toner, I noticed the texture was very milky and watery. Once applied to the skin, I just loved how lightweight it is. The toner definitely absorbed quickly, but my skin was still moisturised throughout the day and night. 

 Simple products that address particular skin concerns are something I adore which is why this toner is a new favourite of mine - it does the job flawlessly! Overall, I've noticed that my skin is much more moisturised, and I really like the lovely natural glow my skin has these days.

As for the cream, genuinely, I want to say it has completely saved my skin! I'm not sure if we've all experienced this, but I made a rookie mistake of over-exfoliating, which caused my skin barrier to break 🙁 Despite my numerous attempts, none of the barrier-repairing products were working for me. 

Since nothing had worked for me before, I definitely had low expectations when I started trying out this cream. I was a little hesitant the first time I used it because for me, texture is essential! Although the cream was neither too thick nor too thin, it was definitely heavier than what I would normally go for. However, I was shocked to see how quickly my skin absorbed the cream!

I would suggest this cream for all skin types, but especially to those who experience dry skin or are using skincare ingredients that can dry out the skin eg. retinol, chemical exfoliants etc. The Yam Root Vegan Milk Cream actually contains five different ceramide types as well as calming ingredients too. Because this cream holds onto skin’s moisture, this is ideal especially for any Beauties that want something super nourishing and hydrating. 

I hope this encourages some of you to try out Isntree's Yam Root Vegan Milk line, and that you all love it as much as I do! Until next time, bye Beauties!

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