Have You Got Your Body Care Routine Sorted?

by Michelle Li

You may be a skincare pro after all our HI-TIPS but let’s dive deeper into body care! When it comes to self-care, why not treat yourself MORE by not neglecting the body. For me, I’ve noticed without these proper steps, my skin easily becomes dry and dull which is only going to get worse in the cold temperatures! These are the steps to get skin back on track 📝

We always say gentle cleansing is the right way to cleanse, and that’s the same for our body! It’s important to choose a low pH body wash to ensure you’re not stripping skin’s natural oils because the end result of that is dry and rough skin texture. Overtime, this is when cracked skin comes about! 

One of our bestsellers is the Kundal Honey & Macadamia Body Washes, and I totally see why! This body wash is made out of 42% Aloe Leaf water which not only hydrates the skin but cools off and relieves any inflammation. Plus 10,000ppm of Kundal’s Honey & Macadamia complex leaves skin very well-nourished. This body wash comes in three scents that smell incredible so you truly get a pamper moment too! 

This step may be overlooked but exfoliating your body is important! When done right, it removes only the top layer of dead skin cells, revealing the skin underneath. As we age, it’s natural for our body to slow down the skin renewal process, so physical exfoliation is much-needed to get back that soft and glowy skin. 

Peeling Gels are perfect to softly exfoliate the skin’s surface. The Round Lab Dokdo Peeling Gel is a gommage-type which means it uses enzymes or fruit acids to exfoliate the skin. All you need to do is massage it on your body for the ingredients to activate. Once you see dead skin cells roll off, that’s when you know it’s ready to be washed off.  Unlike traditional exfoliators, this peeling gel hydrates and soothes which makes it amazing for even the most sensitive skin types.

After coming out of the shower, it’s time to moisturise! The epidermis, the top layer of your skin, is what keeps the skin’s appearance smooth and soft. But when the layer is lacking moisture, skin will show the signs - it won’t be able to protect itself, moisture draws out even quicker and your skin’s ability to regenerate will slow down too! This can evidently dry out the skin and cause it to be tight and flaky.

If you want to treat yourself with incredible skincare ingredients, but for your body, the By Wishtrend Body Lotion is one to add! It has Bakuchiol, which is said to be the vegan alternative to retinol - the ingredient to plump, smooth and even has anti-aging goodness too! Bakuchiol has the same benefits, being able to regenerate skin cells but with a much gentler approach. If you have rough skin texture, keratosis pilaris or acne-prone skin, this body lotion is perfect for you! 

These three tips are essential to keeping your body beautiful too! Just a few additional tips too - pay attention to the water's temperature; taking hot baths or showers dries out your skin. After taking a shower, gently pat your skin dry rather than rubbing it and use moisturiser straight away. This will lock in all the hydration!

Cover Photo: Beauty Essentials

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