How To Keep Straight Lashes Curled All Day

by HIKOCO New Zealand

Hey Beauties 💕

Are you SICK & TIRED of straight eyelashes? Have you ever noticed that your lashes DROOP down throughout the day even after applying mascara​? If I have piqued your interest, I’m sure you’ll love this HI-TIPS tutorial of​ Tips & Tricks ​on curling your lashes the best way!


  • Eyelash Curler
  • Lash Fixer
  • Mascara
  • Toothpick
  • Lighter 

Use A Good Eyelash Curler

I’m currently using the Shiseido Black Eyelash Curler because it is designed for most Asian eyes (Monolids and/or almond shaped eyes).

I​ ​would​ most definitely​ recommend this eyelash curler if you haven’t had the best results with other lash curlers. You can purchase this product from Life Pharmacy or via online!

TIP! How to properly curl your lashes with an eyelash curler? You would normally start from the root of the lash and slowly walk the curler up all the way to the tip, pressing on your lashes with the same pressure.

Here are some of my ​tricks​!

  • Pull your lashes down when curling from the roots (NOT TOO HARD 😭)
  • Keep slightly pulling when walking the curler up to the tip with the same pressure
  • Repeat multiple times, NOT just ​once​!!
  • Pinch/curl only the roots multiple times to fully lift your lashes

Now that your lashes are LIFTED AND SNATCHED. The next important step is maintaining them! And there are 2 ways to keep your lashes curled all day,

Heated toothpick method

Firstly, get a toothpick or a wooden q-tip and heat it up with a lighter. Let it cool a bit and when it’s still warm press it gently against the root of the lash for about 5 seconds or until it has cooled down completely.

Using a Lash Fixer

The Etude House Dr.Mascara Fixer is one of the most popular lash fixers in Korea.
It comes clear (colourless) so you won’t have to worry about smudging around the eye. Plus, it really works for such an affordable price, ​no joke!

Start from the root of the lash and brush it all the way to the tip gently. Brush all sections (middle, front and back) so it has a nice even coating

MY TIP! I like to start from the roots and zig-zag my way up so the product can be applied thoroughly and evenly on the lashes.

Here’s what it looks like applied!

There are two types; ​Volume Up​ and ​Longlash Up
And I’m using the ‘Longlash Up’ fixer because not only it maintains the curls but it also elongates them. Therefore, my eyes look bigger and rounder 😮😮

Mascara to finish off your look

The Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara is my go to mascara. From all the mascaras I’ve tried so far this one is my favourite 😊

How I apply mascara is very similar to how I apply fixer. I gently press the bristles at the root of the lash and brush it up in a ​zig-zag​ pattern.

TIP! Only brush it in zig-zag to the middle and then ​flick​ the bristles towards the tip of your lashes This will ​prevent​ clumping!!

This is the final look! I really love using these products and techniques to make my lashes stay up and curled all day. It might take some time to really figure out how you want your eyelashes to look but practice makes perfect and I really hope this HI-TIP helped you out even a little!! 💗

I would love to hear all your feedbacks on how it went 😍 I really wish it worked great for y’all 😭 Hope you all STAY SAFE and HEALTHY!!! 💕


Written by. Leah Jung

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