Peeling Gels, A Winter Necessity! ⛄️

by Lee Lu

Hi beauties!

Making sure our skin maintains its healthy glow can be challenging at times, especially during winter as our skin tends to be more dehydrated. The solution? Try a peeling gel! Simply put, peeling gels are a gentle but effective way to achieve glowing, baby soft skin!

The Importance of Exfoliating

Our skin naturally sheds its old skin cells, but at times it may need a bit of extra help. Over a 28-day cycle, living cells at the bottom of the epidermis slowly makes its way to the surface and dies as it’s replaced by new cells. Why use exfoliating products? Sun damage, hormones and poor diet can slow down our skin’s natural shedding process resulting in a build-up of dead skin cells, sebum, and pollution on the surface layer of our skin. 


During winter, the drop in humidity further dehydrates our skin, causing skin cells to die faster and accumulate at the surface.

Without exfoliating, we end up with dull, uneven textured skin and clogged pores. This makes our skin treatments and moisturizers less affective as they don’t become properly absorbed into our skin and can cause makeup to look patchy.

Traditional physical exfoliants, i.e. sugar scrubs, work well to buff off dead skin but some beauties, particularly those with sensitive skin, may find too harsh and irritating. During winter, even beauties with normal, combination, or oily skin may find this to also be the case as our skin can become more sensitive.

In which case, let me introduce you to our saviour: the peeling gel! Peeling gels are a staple in K-beauty and they use chemical exfoliants such as AHAs or BHAs to dissolve dead skin cells by breaking down keratin and sebum.


Product recommendation

A much-loved peeling gel is one by PyunKang Yul. This translucent gel-to-milk exfoliator, formulated without any unnecessary fragrances or colourants, will help you achieve baby soft and glowing skin!The Pyungkang Yul Peeling Gel contains betaine salicylate, a form of BHA that is derived from sugar beets! Betaine salicylate will not only help improve dullness and uneven skin texture, it also aids skin renewal to lighten hyperpigmentation. The difference between this ingredient and other BHAs such as salicylic acid is that it is much gentler. The PyunKang Yul Peeling Gel also contains allantoin and hydroxyethyl urea, which helps with hydrating the skin and maintaining normal moisture levels to prevent dryness or irritation after exfoliating.

While the PyunKang Yul Peeling Gel is more gentle than physical exfoliants, don’t let it fool you into thinking it’s only for sensitive skin! A gentle exfoliating approach is best for all skin types as harsh products (or over exfoliating), can potentially damage the skin barrier, causing breakouts and premature wrinkles.

How to use The PyunKang Yul Peeling Gel:

  1. Apply about a thin even layer to dry, clean skin.
  2. Massage the gel gently, from the centre of your face outwards for 60-90 seconds. Notice the gel turning into a milky texture and dead skin clumping int white balls!
  3. Rinse face with water and continue with the next steps of your skin care routine.

Please note:

  • If used during daytime, remember to apply sunscreen after! BHAs such as Betaine Salicylate can make the skin more sun sensitive.
  • Best used twice a week, but if you have very sensitive skin try using it once a week first.


To sums things up, using a peeling gel during winter is an excellent way to ensure your skin remains glowing, and it will definitely help your favourite moisturizer do its job more effectively! They are easy to use, won’t cause excessive irritation or dryness, and it’s satisfying to watch the dead skin cells clump up and swirl down the sink 😄. As we switch up our wardrobe for winter, why not switch up our usual exfoliating routine and give peeling gels a go?

Stay happy, healthy and glowing ✌️


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