The Beauty of Rose Water for the Skin

by Michelle Li

Spring season is finally here 🌸 The sun’s peeking through and the flowers are slowly blooming so why not have some of this nature’s goodness in our skincare routine? In K-Beauty many floral ingredients are actually beneficial to our skin. And one that reminds us of the beautiful spring flowers are roses 🌷 And yes, they aren’t just beautiful to look at, they are also amazing for our skin. 

In Korean skincare, rose water is extracted by steeping rose petals in water to ensure that our skin can get the full benefits of the nutrients that they provide. Like many plant ingredients, rose naturally contains skin beneficial properties that brings the skin to ahealthy state while not sensitising it. Rose water has been used in skincare for centuries and some even consume it. So, how exactly does rose water help us to get the perfect skin?

There are many benefits to rose water that can help us achieve healthier-looking skin 🌹 As rose water comes from a plant, it naturally has plenty of antioxidants to protect our skin from environmental stressors  like the harsh pollution and UV rays. These stressors can all contribute to showing premature signs of aging and damaged skin barriers. Thankfully, plants have high concentrations of flavonoids which contain antioxidants that will save our skin from those. The thorough steeping of the rose petals ensures that the rose water found in skincare has high levels of these antioxidants to protect the skin. 

Another main benefit that rose water is known for, is being a natural hydrator for the skin 💦 With high skin hydrating properties, rose water  instantly makes the skin look more plump without the need to apply heavy formulas. It can also sink into the skin fast for a quick hydrating pick me up. All skin types can benefit from hydration and antioxidant care so thumbs up for the two-in-one ingredient rose water , that works wonders even for sensitive skin types. This star ingredient can be easily found in many different products to ensure it fits and works around our skincare routine. 


Mamonde Rose Water Toner

A K-beauty favourite is the Mamonde Rose Water Toner that contains around 90% of rose water. Mamonde Rose Water Toner uses 100% organic damask roses to create this toner which means that your skin can fully seep in the benefits of the rose plant. This rose water is extracted from Damask roses, the king of flowers, and are known for their fragrant scent. Not only does this toner smell aromatic , it’s an instant hydrator. It’s great to prep your skin for the next steps as it provides the boost of hydration needed for the next products in your regime to sink into the skin more effectively 🌟  This toner can  also balance sebum levels, making it a great toner even for oily-combination skin types. It has a small amount of AHA, enough to mildly exfoliate without stripping the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and supple. What a perfect step-one  product to use after cleansing!

iUnik Rose Galactomyces Serum

This serum is made up of 10% Rosa Centifolia Water for the skin to reap in only the best of rose water. Along with the ingredient Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, this serum will not only leave your skin feeling hydrated but the overflowing amount of antioxidants that will surely protect your skin from external factors like no other. This serum is rich in vitamins and minerals to lift and hydrate the skin. Not to mention, there is also Niacinamide and Adenosine to brighten the skin and provide even more anti-aging care ✨

Heimish Bulgarian Rose Satin Cream

Last product for me to mention today that  contains the king of flowers is the Heimish Bulgarian Rose Satin Cream. This product contains 63% of Damask Rose Water and purely reminds us of spring with its faint sweet scent and pink hue 😍 It’s not just a product that looks beautiful but the rose water ensures that your skin is left soft, smooth, and a lot less dull-looking. It has other plant extracts like Hibiscus and Hawthorn contain anti oxidising properties  as well meaning it’s great for our Beauties who are looking for an anti-aging cream to strengthen the skin. With additional ingredients like niacinamide and ascorbic acid, this will brighten, smooth out skin texture and can even diminish fine lines over time.  

With so many products out there containing Rose Water, incorporating the spring-perfect ingredient into your skincare routine can be done with no sweat. Its various benefits can help any skin type while bringing us the same happy energy that this flower-blooming season has. We hope our Beauties are enjoying this spring season while it lasts with picnics and good vibes 💐 !

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, bye Beauties 🐰💕


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