What is Houttuynia cordata?

by Rebecca Kim

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So, what’s the current trend in Korean skincare right now? If you’re a fan of ingredients like  Centella Asiatica or Mugwort, then get ready to fall in love with Eoseongcho, Houttuynia cordata 🌿


For those of us who are often in need of soothing their skin, we are lucky to be spoilt with some great natural and safe choices. Even if you’re not someone who feels much irritation or redness on a regular basis, I would still recommend products with calming ingredients. This is because your skin still goes through a lot during the day battling UV rays, temperature changes, pollution and other factors 🙅‍♀️ In Korea, everyone started wearing face masks for hours and hours after COVID-19. Since then, many suffered from irritated skin which ended them up with acne, closed comedones, and redness. That's when Houttuynia cordata entered the skincare scene to calm & soothe! 💪

Houttuynia cordata (Eoseongcho) is also commonly known as Heartleaf, Fish Mint or Chameleon Plant. It is a flowering plant that is native to Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan and China, and has been used as an medicinal herb ingredient for many years, due to its outstanding soothing and purifying effects 😌 


It’s active components are four types of Flavonoids - Quercetin, Quercitrin, Rutin and Hyperoside. These compounds have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, promote skin regeneration and are boosting with antioxidants. If you have trouble dealing with redness and irritation, this ingredient gets to work at soothing your skin while also having the ability to fight off acne and blemishes. Highly effective at removing toxins, it minimises enlarged pores for a smoother skin texture. This also makes it especially great for eliminating those pesky little white bumps and pimples!

Houttuynia cordata also contains polysaccharides, which are known humectants that help to draw in moisture to your skin 💧 These skin-hydrators help to maintain the natural oil-water balance, for happy skin that has controlled sebum levels and sufficient inner moisture!

It’s especially an ingredient to look out for if you have dehydrated, oily, sensitive or acne-prone skin, so make sure to check out this highly beneficial, all-rounder ingredient 🙌


Anua Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner $35NZD

With 77% Houttuynia cordata extract, you can be sure that this high concentration of the ingredient will give you RESULTS! This toner got especially popular after the K-Pop star EXO’s Suho personally recommended it in a livestream for being especially great at calming and keeping his skin clear.. Its mild formula makes it a great option for all skin types, and the watery consistency gives the option for making mini sheet masks by soaking cotton pads and leaving them on for 10-15 minutes. 

Anua Heartleaf 77 Pad $39NZD

Like the Heartleaf 77% Toner, this product also boasts 77% Houttuynia cordata extract. Pre-soaked cotton pads make sure to not only deliver the ingredient’s benefits to you, but also ensure that you are getting sufficient hydration! If you prefer the extra physical exfoliation of embossed toner pads and the chemical exfoliation of PHA, this is the one for you! 

Mamonde Pore Clean Toner $24NZD

This lightweight toner contains a combination of Eoseongcho tincture and West Coast Mud that absorbs sebum. Shake well to mix the ingredients and sweep over the face with a cotton pad to remove impurities. You will be left with smooth, matte and non-oily skin!

Mamonde Black Head Stick $18NZD

Similar to the Pore Clean Toner, this product also contains Eoseongcho tincture and West Coast Mud to control sebum and tighten pores. This oil-based product can be gently massaged in to work its way deeper into the pores to draw out impurities. Use on focus blackhead areas such as the T-zone, chin or nose as the Eoseongcho leaf scrub helps to gently exfoliate away dead skin.

Hope this helped you to get to know this Houttuynia cordata ingredient a little better! If you find this ingredient becomes your new best friend over some others, don’t worry I won’t tell 🤫

Until next time, thanks for reading! 💜

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