Farewell 2022! Let's Hop into Year of the Rabbit 🐰

by Michelle Li

Happy New Year, Beauties! 

How did 2022 go past even faster than 2021? It was another eventful year at HIKOCO full of wide smiles and close to stressing tears. Nevertheless, it was all so worth it seeing our K-beauty community grow bigger and bigger each year. This year has whizzed past in a blink, we sometimes forget little details that make the year so fulfilling. As we reminisce, I hope this gives you the time to do the same - all the amazing achievements and memories you have made too. So, shall we begin the walk down 2022 memory lane together?

A new year calls for a celebration! We started January with our Blowout Sales 💥 This meant every week a new collection was on special. Every single sunscreen, moisturiser AND everything in our Hair & Body collection! Our Beauties did not miss a beat, making sure that their K-beauty favs were stocked up for the year. We couldn’t keep 2021 HIKOCO bestsellers a secret any longer so we ended the month with an announcement of our annual KOCO Awards winners 🏆 Sharing each other’s holy grails was a huge success to stock up on even more K-beauty! 

In a blink of an eye, February hit us fast for HIKOCO’s 6th Anniversary, a day that we have all been waiting for! It was a jam-packed week filled with a lot of merch created by our graphic design team, and plenty of giveaways. To finish off the celebration, our much anticipated LUCKY BOXES! 300 BOXES SOLD OUT IN 15 MINUTES  👏

April appeared and so did Easter holidays. The time for an EASTER SALE! It’s no fun for us or Beauties if there aren’t events sprinkled throughout the four day sale, right? “Search the Words” and “Easter Egg Hunt” gave Beauties a chance to WIN with an Easter Basket filled with K-beauty goods and if you found the Easter Eggs on our website? Free gifts to claim 🧺🐣 Earth Day landed in mid-April and we wanted to be part of making a difference. For every order placed, $1 got donated to Sustainable Coastlines and ‘Eco-Friendly Shipping’ option was FREE for all 🌎 Thank you for your part on making a huge change for planet Earth! 

After months and months of meetings and endless preparations, May finally brought forth the HIKOCO NEWMARKET Relocation Opening 🎀✂️ Our Beauties queued up even before 11AM, waiting for HIKOCO’s relocated store to open for the very first time. This was a day where we felt an overwhelming amount of love 🥰 Though, we miss our very first HIKOCO store as much as our Beauties, we welcome you to our newly located flagship store on 352 Broadway.

With so much love and attention shone on K-beauty in New Zealand, how about a way to celebrate?! Enter our first HI K-BEAUTY WEEK in August ✏️📚 We realised lot of new Beauties joined the HIKOCO community in the past year, so we wanted to share our K-beauty knowledge. We created a “What’s My Skin Type” quiz and each day was a “Skincare Step” SALE plus a skincare lesson. A total of six “K-beauty Week Collectable” info cards with tips and hacks given out to every order in hopes for you to get the most out of your K-beauty skincare. We may just be planning next years’ so stay tuned for ‘23 HI K-BEAUTY WEEK!

Nearing the end of November, was HIKOCO’s Black Friday Sale. As soon as the sale started at midnight, your orders flowed in with what seems to be no end in sight. Our stores were packed full of Beauties and here at the HQ, every single team member came in during the weekend to make sure Beauties got their parcels as soon as possible. Black Friday may have just been a four day sale, but new records were set both online and offline 🦋💙

December has for sure been a festive one! We have a lot planned for early 2023, so the 2022 HIKOCO Awards came a little earlier. This year, we decided to add two more categories, “Loving Earth Award” and “Head to Toe Award.” Clearly, the award winners were our top 2022 bestsellers, because some sold out within minutes. HI-SUMMER Merch came back with new and refreshing designs in the form of Popsockets and Tea Coasters that we gave away and we sent out little HI-Holiday gifts to our VIBs (Very Important Beauties) 🐰💕 

Throughout 2022, we had plenty of new arrivals come in, introducing you to more trending K-beauty brands and products! With over 10+ new brands including Illiyoon, Jungsaemmool, and even more clean beauty brands like Axis-Y and Rovectin. We also added a completely new category, “NAILS” , into HIKOCO. It was a totally different concept K-beauty but to our surprise, our Beauties wanted more! That’s why we bought in OHORA and our Beauties ended up falling in love with their approach to DIY gel nails 💅🏻 


As I write to you, and re-visit the fun memories HIKOCO has made with our Beauties, I hope you have done the same. Upon all the memories, we hope HIKOCO was a part of it too. Being there for your self-loving self-care routine is what we care about most! I wish 2023 will have more to offer for every single one of our Beauties, filling it with more love, health and happiness than ever.

Thank you for all the love in 2022, Beauties!

Truly Yours, 


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