New to Skincare? Tips to Avoid Irritation

by Michelle Li

We’re taking you guys back to the basics of skincare with a guide on what to do when we've bought a haul of new skincare to try out. It's exciting when we have treated ourselves to new skincare but we always have to take caution when trying it out. Going straight into using new products may lead to skin irritations from certain ingredients, especially if we are new to skincare and are unsure of what our skin's likes and dislikes are. And even if we're just wanting to try something new, there are always ingredients that your skin may be sensitive to that we are unaware of. So it's always important to be extra careful whether you are starting out with a new skincare routine or switching up your skincare routine. We thought we would compile a few tips to keep in mind in hope that it will be useful to have if you are trying out a new skincare product. 


Patch Testing

When purchasing a product and using it for the first time, it’s always a good idea to do a patch test. It’s a quick and simple way to test out the skincare product without severely irritating the skin. This allows us to see if the product's ingredients will work well with your skin type to limit the chances of irritation. It’s easy to do and all you need is a little patience. 


To patch test, first find a clear spot to apply the new product like behind your ear or on the side of the neck as these areas aren’t too visible. Make sure the area is clean before applying a small amount to the area. Leave it on for at least 24 hours to ensure the product is properly absorbed into the skin. If your skin is red and irritated after this has been completed, you may be sensitive to a specific ingredient. If your skin is showing no changes you are good to go! You can now incorporate this product slowly into your skincare routine. 


Introduce One Product At a Time


We always suggest introducing one product into your skincare routine at a time when you have all-new products to try out. In the case of reaction, it is a lot easier to understand which product is irritating your skin if only one new product is used. Small changes in your skin can occur even after patch testing has been completed and thus, it is much easier to figure out what is irritating your skin if one new product is tested at a time. We recommend using it for at least two weeks as sometimes skin changes can develop over time. We also recommend slowly incorporating skincare products into your routine, especially when using active ingredients like AHA, BHA, retinol, and vitamin C. These ingredients can sensitise your skin and cause reactions if not careful. To ensure your skin doesn't feel overwhelmed, start by using the product twice a week to see how your skin is reacting. If you haven’t noticed any changes, this is when you can start increasing your usage each week. 


Pay Attention to Skin Changes


Even though your skin hasn’t had any irritation during patch testing, there could still be very slight irritation that would only be noticed after a few weeks of using the new product. This is why paying close attention to the changes in your skin can be helpful. Skin changes like an increase in oil production or dryness can also mean that the ingredient isn’t suitable for your skin type. However, if you are trying out active ingredients, this can differ due to purging. This means ingredients like AHA, BHA or PHA causes tiny bumps as they help initiate the breakdown of dead skin cells and allow the bacteria to re-surface on the skin. Small breakouts through purging shouldn't last more than 6-8 weeks of using the product. Paying attention to your skin is key to see how your skin is reacting towards the product and if discontinuing use of a product is necessary. 


Patience is Key


Though your skin may feel soft and smooth immediately after use, concerns that are deeper within the skin layers like acne and hyperpigmentation may take months to show change. Being patient and constant with your skincare routine is important when trying a new product as sudden changes are unlikely to occur. It is important not to hesitate and move on to a new product as this can overwhelm and irritate your skin further. If you do feel like a product isn’t working even after a few months of using it, be patient as skin can start to show very slight improvement at this time that may go unnoticed at first glance. 


With these tips, hopefully we are able to introduce and change up our skincare routine while minimising the risk of irritation. There’s so many products out there to try out that it can not only be overwhelming for us but for our skin too! So if you do have any questions, feel free to reach out. Let’s continue to do the best for our skin 🌟

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, bye Beauties 🐰💕

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