🎊 So Long 2020 🎊 It's About Time You Go

by HIKOCO New Zealand

Dear Beauties,

Early this year, everyone had to fight the difficult time and all of us probably had the same idea - 2020 is the WORST YEAR EVER 😫 Nonetheless, we did make it through and here we are! On the 31st of December! Many things happened, both good and bad.

HIKOCO’s 4th anniversary celebration was a big success! 👏 Our Beauties loved our drawstring pouch, our vouchers, and of course, the LUCKY BOXES! A hundred Lucky Boxes were sold out in ONE MINUTE when they were uploaded at 11AM, which surprised both you and me 🎁 FYI: our 5th anniversary is coming up in Feb 2021 😉

Almost as soon as the HIKOCO mini-cafe HI-DABANG opened its doors, the lockdown really got us a strong mental breakdown 😱 Wiping out our tears, this time actually ended up being a breakout for HIKOCO to develop our online services a bit more! 👩‍💻 Hopefully, the team will continue growing so that we can get you your products faster than anyone else 🚚

We also said our sad goodbyes to the HIKOCO Sylvia Park POP UP last September and said our hello to the new HIKOCO Head Office in October 👋 Thank you a million to all Beauties that loved our Sylvia Park POP UP, and we promise to pop up somewhere else soon enough! Around this time, we also started our new Saturday TMIS newsletter to become our regular window to speak to you promotion-free! 🗣 We’re loving this relationship we’re starting to build, and it is our wish to become your best friend who just happens to be a K-Beauty expert 🥰 (psst! This week's TMI letter is taking a day off!)

Black Friday 2020 was a literal shock wave. We didn’t know that we’d outdo ourselves, but it happened! All HIKOCO staff who fought through the madness deserve a proper standing ovation 👏👏 Of course, another enormous thank you to the Beauties who loved our Black Friday Sale. It is you who help us grow and allow us to take our small steps forward! As a sign of gratitude, during December we had our XMAS giveaways 🎄 The December HIKOCO merch also received so much positive feedback! Hope you all enjoyed our HIKOCO socks, pouches, and mirrors and had a heartwarming Christmas 🎅

This year, our Beauties donated a total of $3387.50 to SPCA by asking for the HIKOCO paper bags with their purchase. Your donation means a lot to the animals in NZ that are in need of help 🐾

So, what’s coming up next? We’re working on a new HIKOCO for the new year 💪 As we always did, we will put your opinions first to expand our product & brand range. HIKOCO aims to be the biggest K-Beauty store in the country, where you can visit to find any products you wish to see. Not only that, but we will try our best to come up with special events, giveaways, collabs & surprises for you Beauties 🎉

Yes, we tried to be optimistic of the year-that-must-not-be-named, but the truth is, we cannot be more ready for 2021 🥳 The best is yet to come Beauties, prepare yourselves for more and more K-Beauty in NZ.

Thank you for shopping with us as always.

See you next year! Let's be pretty xx

Truly Yours,


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