53rd Earth Day: The Start of Eco-Friendly Shipping Forever 🌎💞

by Michelle Li

It’s been exactly two years since we opened our eco-friendly shipping option. With this announcement, we also promised to expand this further as we grew. Thanks to you, we're finally able to fulfill this promise. ALL parcels will be packed with eco-friendly shipping at no extra cost 🌎📦 Check out the video below to see how we are doing this! 

@hikoco Happy Earth Day, Beauties 🌏♻️📦💚 #hikoco#earthday#ecoshipping ♬ original sound - HIKOCO

It's taken a while to get here but we wanted to make sure we were doing eco-friendly shipping right while not compromising on the quality of product that you receive. But with this announcement, it's just as important for us to be transparent with you. We still have very few rolls of bulk-ordered bubble wrap left. It would be a waste for us to not use and throw them away. Our Standard Shipping option will be kept open until all bubble wraps are used. Once this happens, every single one of your HIKOCO parcel order will be in our eco-friendly shipping packaging. This means with paper wrapping in recyclable satchels or paper boxes at no extra cost.

The past 53rd Earth Day, we also wanted to contribute to a charity that does sustainability best! So with every $1 of orders you placed on this day, we donated it to New Zealand charity, Sustainable Coastlines. This helps them continue to clean up our beautiful coastlines and providing educational programmes in Aotearoa to inspire and educate us about the destroying power of litter. This year, with our Beauties' love, we were able to donate $1998 to Sustainable Coastlines 👏 The next goal for them is to reduce coastal litter by 60% by 2030 so this huge donation means a lot to them! This will help them create new projects and solutions to make the goal a reality for New Zealand.

Each year, we do our best to become a more sustainable and eco-conscious company. But we won't stop here! We will continue to better ourselves and take more care to reduce waste. Our eco-friendly shipping option have just opened up to all of you, but there's more to come. Sharing the same love for K-beauty products, we hope to continue to introduce you to more exciting sustainable K-beauty brands too. Let’s do what we can to serve the best for Earth and us 💚

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