TL;DR Guide: The RIGHT Amount of Each Skincare Step

by Michelle Li

One of the questions that come up before we even apply a skincare product is, ‘how much do we need to apply?’. An important question to many and rightfully so! Of course, we want to make sure we’re applying enough to see the effect. But sometimes when you use more than you need, you’re not only wasting it but it can irritate the skin. Remember, your skin can only take so much, so you really don’t need to overdo it! So here’s a TL;DR Guide on the RIGHT amount to apply for each skincare step 📖 

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Oil Cleanser 

Oil Cleanser cleanses off makeup, sunscreen as well as excess sebum clogging up your pores. To start, apply one almond-sized scoop, or 1-2 pumps of oil cleanser on dry skin. Massage well before emulsifying with a drop or two of water. Then you’re ready to wash off~ 

Water Cleanser

Water Cleanser removes impurities, dirt and bacteria built on your skin throughout the day and night. You’ll only need a coin-sized amount for this. If your skin feels tight and dry, it could be because you’ve used too much to cleanse.

Wash-Off Mask

Wash-off Masks are where it’ll really depend on you - enough to cover your face or the area you would like concentrated care in. You just need to make sure to cover it with an even layer, and avoid your eye and lip area. Treat it like a spa day where you can afford to be a bit more generous!


When you’ve got physical/chemical exfoliators in our routine, be cautious. Using too much can irritate the skin but of course, we want to apply just enough to see the revitalising effects. Coin-sized amount is all you need for your entire face but if you’re just focusing on particular areas, a pea-sized amount will do the trick! 

Toner + Essence

Here comes the hydrating steps, toner and essence 💦 These boosts of hydration is vital to for your following skincare products to deliver BETTER effects. 3-4 drops on a cotton pad or on your hands is the best amount. Apply and pat on your skin for full absorption. 

Serums + Ampoules

Serums/ampoules are the skincare products that contain a potent, highly concentrated percentage of active ingredients. You may get carried away so try your hardest to stop the urge of using too much 😅 A pea-sized amount will work wonders! 

Eye Cream

Less is more with eye creams! The skin around our eyes is very thin so we need to be very delicate with this area. So use only a little bit, as small as a grape-seed amount. Apply with your fourth finger, the softest finger and pat gently. 


Moisturiser is crucial to seal in the hydration steps you’ve just applied and yes, this step is important for all skin types. A coin-sized amount is all you need. Using too much can cause white milia which can be hard to reverse. If however, your skin still feels dry, you may want to switch your moisturiser to a richer formula.

Sleeping Pack

1-3 times a week, sleeping packs may be what your skin is craving for the glow! They’re lighter in texture, almost lotion-like so you can slather on a little bit more. Spread a mini candy bar-sized amount on your face and don’t forget to wash the remaining off when you awake.

Spot Treatments 

Spot Treatments are a skin saviour when pimples suddenly pop up! To prevent bacteria spreading, apply the spot treatment to the pimple with a q-tip. This means you’ll only need a pea-sized amount to treat. 


We’re onto the last step - sunscreen. There’s no point applying all these skincare steps if you haven’t got suncare into your routine but it’s just as important to make sure you’re applying enough! The length of two fingers is a good measurement for this 📏 Make sure to reapply every four hours, and if you’ve just jumped out of the water, straight away! 

So there you go; a summary of how much you should use for each skincare step! Take notes to serve your skin only the best. Good luck, Beauties xx

cover photo: glamourmagazine

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