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Hi Beauties!💕

In the past month, there were quite a few Giveaways that were carried out from HIKOCO 🙌🏻 So we wanted to let you all know about how they got wrapped up 😘

HIKOCO Sylvia Park Playground Giveaway

HIKOCO Sylvia Park has been going through some changes, as the K-Beauty Playground Zone for different brands each time. During this event period, we had in total 4 brands that were on special so that our Beauties could go to play, try out and learn about the products of the brands more in depth.

With the 4 brands, there were of course 4 giveaways!:

  • HIKOCO Sylvia Park COSRX AC Collection Package Giveaway
  • HIKOCO Sylvia Park KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Brightening Package Giveaway
  • HIKOCO Sylvia Park BY WISHTREND Vitamin Package Giveaway
  • HIKOCO Sylvia Park I’M FROM Mugwort Package Giveaway

Congratulations to all our Winners from the loyal Sylvia Park Beauties 💕👑


Not only Sylvia Park, but we spread out our giveaway nationally!

Does everyone know about HIKOCO’s new Youtube channel? 🎬

When the amazingly popular Kpop band BTS’s new album dropped -PERSONA: Map of the Soul-, we went overboard and pre-ordered some albums from Big Hit Ent. (which ended up arriving in NZ a month after 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Which led us to open up our FIRST Youtube Subscriber Giveaway!

So many Kiwi Army Beauties and we were lucky enough to randomly pick out 9 winners with this giveaway - Congratulations to all our Winners 💕👑

Thank you to all those Beauties to participated in all our giveaways in the past few months! It was definitely a pleasure to have a chance to reply back to the love that everyone shows towards HIKOCO.

Hope we can have another opportunity to reach out to every single one of HIKOCO’s Beauties out there 🥰

Let’s be Pretty💕

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  • Karen

    Wow! How lucky you are

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