#YAYNAY TESTER TEAM: By Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Clean Gel 🌝- Mid 30s

by HIKOCO New Zealand

Lhalaa // Combination-Dry skin // Mid 30s

I have a combination but mostly dry skin. Having a thyroid condition, my hormones can be unstable at times. Even though my skin tends to lean towards dry, I get breakouts in certain areas every now and then. I normally would continue with my regimen and spot treat with tea tree oil and keep it hydrated. However, the only reason why I haven’t been using tea tree oil as much is because it’s very drying on my skin.

On the ​By Wishtrend website, By Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Clean Gel claims that ​Sulfur 3% Clean Gel is a hydrating gel that helps with preventing acne, unclogging pores, and controlling existing breakouts....This product also includes two hydrating ingredients Sodium Hyaluronate and Tocopherol to prevent dryness on the skin.”

What? Hydrating spot treatment gel? Yes, please! Although it is advertised for skin types that are oily and acne-prone skin, I was very keen to try this on my combo dry skin.

First impressions

I got really excited when I received the product and immediately tested how it would feel on the skin. It has a silky watery gel texture that goes on smoothly on the skin, absorbs nicely and dries quickly without leaving any grease or sticky feeling. The formula is indeed lightweight and very comfortable on top of the skin.

The packaging is really cute, vibrant, and very efficient. You can get a precise amount from this squeezy tube depending on how much you will need for your application. It is very travel friendly and very handy to have because you never know, these nasties can sometimes be unpredictable.

By Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Clean Gel retails for $36 NZD for 30g worth of product which I think is reasonable if you’re only applying directly on spots and that would make the tube last longer. If you prefer a treatment for the entire face, I would not recommend it to be used everyday.

Sulfur scent

I have never ever tried a product with Sulfur in it so this is something new to me. If you’re familiar with how sulfur smells, the scent in this product is quite noticeable and it lingers for a bit even after application. I lived in Rotorua for more than a year and thought that the smell won’t bother me at all. But unfortunately, it did on the first few nights. It also didn’t help that during the first week of testing this product, the spots where I have applied were near my nose. However, after a few days the scent kind of goes away. You will also get used to the smell and maybe occasionally smell a very slight hint of sulfur after but definitely not as noticeable as the first time. I do appreciate that it’s fragrance-free, so the sulfur scent is not a deal breaker for me. My partner also would prefer the sulfur scent over the tea tree scent anyway, so it all worked well for us.


First off, it didn’t cause any irritations, stinging, nor sensitised my skin. My face easily turns red on some products, and I’m glad that this gel is gentle on the skin. The product recommends to use a cotton swab for spot treatment and a thin layer if used on the entire face as the last step of skincare.

I have tried both ways of application, and personally prefer to just use my fingers since I always apply it on certain areas of my face in addition to spots.

After applying my moisturiser, I squeeze a decent amount on my left finger (not the back of my hand). I take the product from there using my right finger and then apply to spots. I would go back again and then apply a thin layer on my t-zone (from forehead to chin) and the center of my face. If I have a leftover product, I just apply directly to my face from my fingers and spread them on areas where I have applied.

Make sure to spread the product evenly as it dries down white. You can use the gel morning or night, but I personally use it at night. I then wash the product off my face the next morning with a gentle cleanser or just rinse with water and carry on with my morning routine.


I have been using By Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Clean Gel for more than 3 weeks now and so far I’m very impressed with how it performs. It calms down any existing breakouts and pimples that are just starting to form. It becomes less visible or has significantly decreased in size the next day. What I love most about this product is that it does not leave the skin dry unlike other spot treatments and it helps clear up pimples and reduce redness on your face. During my YayNay testing period, I didn’t get any big pimples with pus but only small ones here and there. Because every time I see a sign of red bumps forming, I straight away apply a thin layer over the area and they will be gone the next morning. I would assume that for big ones, it might not vanish the next day but it would calm down and become smaller than it used to. It’s impressive how sulfur does its wonders overnight. This product does help in controlling and preventing acne.


When compared to other spot treatments online, I find this product to be slightly pricey. However, due to the combination of the ingredients, its effectiveness, travel-friendly packaging; it’s definitely a YAY for me!

I’ve been using By Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Clean Gel everyday as my last step of my skin care at night mainly for prevention, control and calm existing pimples and it worked well for me. I see this product to be suitable for all skin types due to its healing and hydrating properties. Highly recommended for people who are looking for treatments that will help keep their breakouts under control.

If HIKOCO decides to stock By Wishtrend Sulfur 3% Clean Gel, I would definitely purchase once I’ve used up this tube.

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