#YAYNAY Tester Team: Klairs Daily Skin Softening Water 🌿

by HIKOCO New Zealand

Sammy // Combination Oily Skin // Late 20s

I have been using the Dear Klairs Daily Skin Softening Toner for around 3 weeks now. I use it straight after cleansing, adding the product to a cotton pad and gently wiping over my skin.

First off what I love is there is no strong fragrance to this product. Often toners can have a strong "alcohol" scent but this has no scent which I'm very happy about.

My skin type is relatively normal but I get an oily T-zone during the day, this leads me to having blackheads and congestion over my nose and chin.

I found this toner extremely gentle on my skin, it does have exfoliating ingredients but I never noticed any skin tingling or redness from this. I do regularly use chemical exfoliants so for me personally this product was not strong enough in that aspect.

Post application my skin felt refreshed and hydrated like the product claims to do. It did not increase my skin oils during the day either. This toner acts as the perfect base in my skincare routine, it gives my skin a bright and glowy finish and my other skincare products apply easily on top.

The size of this product is very generous, a little also goes a long way so you definitely get your money's worth. I would definitely repurchase this toner for the hydrating aspect and value for money. 

However I would not use this solely as an exfoliating product. I think this would be perfect for a combination of skin types or for people just starting to experiment with exfoliation as this is very gentle. I personally don't notice a large difference in my before/after photos, my skin does appear more glowy and brighter. However, my skin 100% feels smoother and more hydrated since using this toner.


It's definitely a YES from me for future purchases. Personally the retail price of $41 is great value for the amount of product you receive. I've been using this daily for weeks now and have only used up a small amount of product. The shelf life states 12 months so you'll definitely have it lasting that long.

I think this would be a great daily toner for a range of skin types and ages. It's gentle enough to use for people just starting out with skincare or just beginning to explore into chemical exfoliation. I have normal/oily skin type and this did not accentuate my oiliness during the day but still left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. My partner has dry skin and I got him to try this out a few times and he stated it left his dry skin also feeling soft and moisturised. He also gets quite sensitive skin and reacts to numerous strong products however this did not give him any redness or breakouts so I believe would be gentle enough to use on sensitive skin too.

I'm 29 so like to keep my skin relatively hydrated to try combat any fine lines and this is the perfect base in my skincare regimen to do that. 

Overall a huge YES from me and I'll definitely continue to use this product up

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