Your Go-To Acne Treatment? Calamine

by Michelle Li

Sun’s out, and acne breakouts may be more common for us. As we’re battling the sweat, clogged pores, blackheads, these can all turn into acne. Especially, if we don’t take the necessary steps to keep our skin clean and clear. Let’s be honest, we’re all looking for a one and all treatment to get rid of that stubborn pimple. Although, with anything, it takes time, there are certain skincare ingredients that make dealing with pimples less of a stressful time.  


You may have heard of Calamine, and even if you haven’t heard about it, you might have seen it as it’s commonly used in acne spot treatments. It’s the pink liquid-y substance that sits at the bottom of spot treatments. But what is it and why is it always associated with pimple breakouts? 

Calamine is made out of a combination of zinc oxide and iron oxide. Both ingredients actually protect you from harsh UV rays. But that’s not where the benefits of calamine ends! It has the natural ability to heal wounds from sunburn, itchiness and yes, even acne breakouts! Not only does it soothe and heal the skin but it works as an astringent when applied topically. This is done by controlling excess oil from being produced. This helps to balance out skin’s natural oil-moisture levels, thus reducing pimples surfacing the skin.

This creamy substance was used as a salve a very long time ago, and even said to be the earliest creams for the skin where people used it on the skin for everything. When applied, you’ll feel a cooling sensation on the skin as it dries, helping to soothe irritation even further. The ability to absorb excess oil and soothe irritation is why it’s amazing for treating active pimples. That’s why this ingredient is often recommended for acne-prone skin types or for hormonal breakouts, where topical spot treatments are needed. 

Mizon Good Bye Blemish Pink Spot

This spot treatment is what you may be already familiar with; calamine powder at the bottom and solution at the top, a two-layer formulation. Not only are you getting the soothing and pus-absorbing care to heal active pimples faster, but the solution ensures a three step care to make sure the pimples are gone for good. Mizon’s solution, Yellow Lotus Essence has a mix of AHA and BHA, chemical exfoliants to smooth out skin texture and remove impurities and bacteria. There’s also anti-bacterial properties so you can be sure that pimples don’t reappear. Spot treatments like this can lessen the bump and lift up the redness overnight for a faster pimple-healing process.

COSRX Poreless Clarifying Charcoal Mask

During the heat, I’m sure we would love our skin to experience a refreshing detox. To keep our skin clean and clear, it is important to remove excess sebum to clean out clogged pores. This means free from the stubborn blackheads and whiteheads that just keep reappearing! That’s when charcoal masks come in handy. This COSRX Charcoal Mask contains Pink Calamine capsules to instantly calm down heated skin and absorb excess sebum. As the charcoal dries, it helps to tighten pores and smooth the skin’s surface preventing acne breakouts. 

Axis-Y Calamine Pore Control Capsule Serum

With Calamine’s pore-tightening and oil-controlling abilities, here’s a serum that does just what this ingredient claims. To prevent the skin from producing excess sebum, this serum contains moisture capsules to improve oil-water balance in the skin. It’s also got six plant ingredients like Centella, Mugwort, Blue Iris and Witch Hazel which are all known for its extreme cooling properties to calm down heated and irritated skin. It’s also got a super light gel texture, perfect during the hot summer where the last thing you want to do is apply thick layers of skincare.

To think that there’s one ingredient, Calamine, for oily or acne-prone skin types to control oil, prevent blackheads and clogged pores, is exactly what we need especially when we’re out in the sun. Plus this ingredient has soothing properties to cool our heated skin down which is what will prevent breakouts from worsening 👏🏻

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