National Stars of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

by Isabel Bang

Archery - An San & Kim Je-Deok

D Mitory

Archery has always been one of the sports that Korea was known for in the Olympics. To make the country proud, in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Korea won four golds in Men’s, Women’s, Mixed Team, and Women’s Individual. Out of all our applaudable archers, the Mixed Team duo, An San (age 20) and Kim Je-Deok (age 17), gained the most fans during the games. Calling them Bert and Earnie of Korean Archery, the contrasting hot & cold personalities created a cute chemistry. An San is the chic type and Je-Deok is quite world-famous for his “fighting” roar in all the matches 😂 With the baby faces and their young age, both athletes shocked the country by showing off their genius archery talent.

Women’s Volleyball - Kim Yeon-Koung & Kim Hee-Jin 

Volleyball Korea

Captain Kim Yeon-Koung is already a worldwide star player in volleyball. With her acing through all types of games, Yeon-Koung is an obvious celebrity in Korea. But in the Tokyo Olympics, another key player gained the public’s attention: Kim Hee-Jin. Even after her recent knee surgery, Hee-Jin showed excellent performance in the matches alongside the captain. Not only do the two has the highest score points in the games, but they are known for their cool personalities and handsome looks - gaining more and more fangirls as we speak 💞 The semifinal match would’ve finished by now (happened Sat 7th Aug 12AM)! No matter the result, we’re so proud to have you two and the whole amazing team 💪

Men’s Sabre - Koo Bon-Gil, Kim Jung-Hwan, Oh Sang-Wook, Kim Jun-Ho

Tokyo Olympics 2020

Winning one gold, one silver, and three bronzes, all athletes in the Korean Fencing team became the country’s heroes 👏 The Men’s Sabre Team was of course highly praised for winning their gold again after the 2012 London Olympics (Rio did not have the Men’s Sabre match in 2016). Called the A-fen-gers (Fencing Avengers), the dream team was filled with fencing veterans that are in the world’s top 20 rankings. Oh Sang-Wook, the world #1 ranked fencer, played fourth in the team's match and won the team’s victory. With both great manners and great play, the whole team gained not just local, but also international fans!

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