APP: For When Strangers Can Never Get Your Photo Right

by Isabel Bang

In the TMI Vol. 040, I’ve told you all that I was planning to go to the Happy Place exhibition, and will share my experience with you after! On a fine Wednesday evening, I met up with my friends for dinner and headed to Spark Arena at the Auckland CBD for the gram 📸

For those who are interested, the Happy Place exhibition is titled “the world’s most Instagrammable exhibit,” filled with interactive installations that are just the perfect photo spots. Started off from Los Angeles, the event producer Jared Paul said he came up with HAPPY PLACE “on the simple idea that the world could use a lot more happiness.” Below are some Insta-worthy photos Editor R & I got from our visits!

There were quite a few people even on a weekday and queues for each installation formed very quickly, so we had to be really swift when taking photos. Except for the fact that the huge line behind your group builds pressure and that a bunch of people are looking at you posing, the visit was a delight 😂 

Every time like this when you need speedy photo-taking, there’s always that one friend who fails you 🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s either not the right angle, not in the right proportions, or just NOT RIGHT. When you need your #pickoftheday, there’s a camera app that’ll come in handy.

Facebook | SOVS

SOVS (available only in IOS) is the best app for when you need someone else to take your photo - your friends, family, or even a stranger! The app gives you pose templates that you can apply to the camera, which the person taking the photos can simply fit you in 👫 All these poses are in the angles/proportions that will look best in photos - e.g. simply aligning feet to the bottom of the screen. These templates can even give you unique pose suggestions for those of you who can’t stand that awkward moment in front of the camera! 💃

Facebook | SOVS

The poses can be found in the ‘Normal Mode’ of SOVS, and you also have the ‘Background Mode.’ This second mode allows you to take a background photo of the spot that you want your picture taken, and that background will show up in a lower opacity on the camera screen. This means that the photographer can simply take your photo aligned to the BG photo you took previously 🏞

Facebook | SOVS

SOVS even came up with a new app, SOVS2 (AOS | IOS) for photos for two! Now you have cute templates to use with your friends, family, and partners - which would be the most convenient when you’re asking strangers to take your photos when travelling 🚗

Facebook | SOVS

Now you’re all set to get your Instagram pic at the Happy Place exhibition 🌞 With the SOVS2 app, choose a pose with your friends and ask one of the lovely staff there to take your photo for you! This weekend (May 22-23rd) is your last chance to visit Happy Place New Zealand, so if you’re not doing anything special this afternoon definitely go have a visit 😘

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