#aucklandeats: A Cute K-Inspired Cafe in the Heart of the City!

by Naomi Agraba


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Trendy cafes are popping up left, right and centre in Korea and many of them are becoming popular for their delicious drinks, yummy baked goods and immaculately designed interiors. Luckily for those of us who live in Auckland, a cafe like this is nearer than you may have thought!

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Kompass Coffee is a quaint but well-set-up cafe on 8 Kitchener Street (opposite the Art Gallery), in Auckland CBD, and is one of my favourite cafes in the city. 

Whether you need a quick pick-me-up brekkie on your way to work, are looking for a new brunch spot with a friend, or want a chill place to recharge in the afternoon, they’ve got all bases covered with their specialty drinks menu and cafe classics. There is truly something for everyone!

Instagram | @kompasscoffee

Not only is their latte art incredible, but every drink tastes as good as it looks, and I have not seen coffee anywhere else having such perfect latte art yet tastes this good in all of my coffee-consuming days. Possibly the main thing that draws me to this particular cafe on such a regular basis is the customer service! Every time I enter, the baristas’ smiles and greetings are so warm and welcoming, and genuinely lift my mood, especially when the weather’s gloomy. 

I have attempted to try everything on Kompass Coffee’s menu, but new drinks and foods are regularly added. Guess that just means I have to visit even more often…

Instagram | @kompasscoffee

My personal favourite is the Iced Matcha Einspanner Latte with an Almond Croissant, or on chillier days, I’ll go for their toasty Black Sesame Cream Einspanner Latte which is essentially a hug in a cup. An Einspanner is a latte topped with whipped cream and a dusting of a powder - I’ve never tried one until discovering Kompass!

Instagram | @kompasscoffee

If you’re just after a quick pick-me-up, Kompass’ 아아 (“ah ah” Korean slang for Iced Americano) or one of their new house-made Fruit-ades which combines kiwi, blueberry and lemon, is the perfect choice.

Instagram | @kompasscoffee

The interior is bright and open because of the super high ceilings and big window at the entrance, but at the same time is super cosy and homey. If there is a free spot and the weather is nice, I recommend sitting outside for the best people-watching experience and sitting inside where you can see your drink being made and enjoy the aroma of the coffee. Regardless of the weather, heading to Kompass Coffee will always make your day better and I cannot recommend it enough!

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