#aucklandeats: How About a Rice Cake Cake For a Change?

by Isabel Bang

Rice cakes have been in Korea for thousands of years. In the old days when having enough rice itself was a luxury, making rice cakes was mostly for the rich. Hence, rice cakes are still considered something “nice” and gift-worthy. At times when there are big events like weddings or moving days, Koreans tend to give out rice cakes to neighbours and guests as a sign of courtesy. There are over 300 different types of rice cakes, the most popular being Injeolmi, Songpyeon, Ggul tteok, Baekseolgi, etc. 

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The rice cake that we’re gonna be focusing more on is Baekseolgi, the one that proves the statement “less is more” to be true. Baekseolgis are a part of the most traditional rice cakes out there, that are mostly eaten on special occasions. At a glance, it’s just a white block of rubber when not garnished. Unlike its very plain appearance, Baekseolgis are everyone’s love at first bite! Its texture is light, fluffy and slightly chewy, with a subtle sweetness to it. The sweetness is not too overwhelming, which is why it goes well with many different garnishes like dried fruit, nuts, honey, and even beans.


Because of how clean and versatile Baekseolgi can be, the idea of using Baekseolgi as a base for cakes blew up the moment it was brought up. Rather than using flour and bread, Koreans made cakes a lot more traditional to have on special days. The most common example of these rice cake cakes can be seen on a baby’s first birthday. In Korea, one’s first birthday is a big celebration, with a table full of food and presents. Baekseolgis are a symbol of innocence and purity because of their white colour, which is why it’s always at the very centre of everyone’s first birthday table. 

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More recently, flower rice cake cakes have been trending in Korea. Flowers are sculpted carefully with sweet red bean or chestnut pastes, which pair very well with the Baekseolgi base. Only a couple of months ago did I realise there was a place in Auckland that made these flower rice cake cakes! Soons Cake is an Instagram business that receives orders through direct messages, requiring the orders to be made at least 3 days in advance. They offer three different sizes of their cakes 6-inch, 7-inch, and 8-inch. I ordered a 6-inch cake for my mum’s birthday cake, and it was just enough for a four-person family! Mind you, we’re not sweet tooths, so we’re not heavy cake eaters to start off.

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You can order the base as a normal white Beakseolgi, or pay $5 extra to make it Black Sesame based. For those who are curious, the black sesame option is a lot more nutty and bittersweet compared to the Baekseolgi. It’ll be easier for you to send a screenshot of the design you wish when you’re making the order through a direct message to Soons Cake, and specify the colours you would like for the flowers. After the payment, you discuss the pickup day & time. The pickup location is in North Shore, Auckland! For further details, I recommend you flick through a message to Soons Cake 🥰

Instagram | @soons_cake

If you have a friend or a family member that isn’t too fond of cakes or desserts that are too sweet, these rice cake cakes are a good alternative option to have! Since they look so fancy and gourmet, I recommend them for parents or important occasions. If you decide to try the Korean cake out sometime, do let us know on how you liked them  😋

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