#aucklandeats: Heard Rumours about the New Espresso Bar?

by Isabel Bang

Rumours Coffee | 19 O'Connell Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010

Broadsheet | Wono Kim

Located right across Chancery Square at Auckland CBD, Rumours Coffee is getting more and more foot traffic by the day. Living by their name, “rumours” are spreading about them, but of course, good ones. Between the Korean Aucklanders, this little coffee shop has been making a presence through word of mouth, and of course, aesthetically pleasing Instagram posts. As my non-Korean friend once said, the place looks “very Korean” 😂  I totally understood what she meant by that, because all pretty cafés in Korea give off a similar minimalistic vibe. The real selling point of these less-is-more cafés is the amazing quality coffee.

Instagram | @7.30_y

I have two stable go-to drinks I order at cafés: iced vanilla latte during warmer, and soy flat white during the colder seasons. Without hesitation, I went up to the counter for my soy flat white, but the barista suggested I try oat milk which blends better with their beans. Boy, was I talking to an expert - literally was the most delicious cuppa I had in 2022. Ever since my visit, I’ve been praising the place and their coffee quality, making three other friends of mine to go and try their oat flat white 🙌 Reviews? Five stars from everyone. Rumours use single-origin beans only, apparently what all coffee lovers search for, and what probably made me fall in love at first sip. Filter coffee is another one of Rumours' specialty, so I’ll make sure to try them on my next visit - which I know will be soon!

Broadsheet | Wono Kim

Rumours also offer a small selection of pastries, which I unfortunately, did not get a chance to try - sadly my visit had to be brief. By the looks of their recent Instagram stories, it seems like they’re preparing their own-made desserts as well (my guess, tiramisu) so I’m pretty excited to try those out when they become available! 

Broadsheet | Wono Kim

Another reason why Koreans are attracted to this place, is the impression of it being Korea-trendy. Rumours have a compact space where it won’t necessarily hold big groups of people, but rather, most of the area is dedicated to the bar table. This is a very common espresso bar setting than a café. Espresso bars (#에스프레소바) are real-time trending among the younger generation in Korea, where you can enjoy quick yet quality drinks in between your busy days. Why the sudden love for this small-scaled standing coffee stores? Firstly, Koreans are too used to and are sick of franchise coffee like Starbucks, where they don’t necessarily treat unique or premium beans. As the coffee-mania market grew, the need for better and exceptional coffee at street corner espresso bars also grew. Another reason for these sip-and-go trend is that Koreans are all about Miracle Morning routines and a hardworking, on-the-go style of living. Charging oneself with a good cuppa after a morning jog became a wannabe routine. Hence, the couple minutes long espresso bar solo-visits became a new lifestyle for many Koreans.

Instagram | @7.30_y

As someone who struggles with active mornings, the only downside of Rumours for me is that they close at 4pm the latest. This is where I feel real jealous of those CBD residents who walk past O’Connell Street before work or school. But at the same time, Rumours is giving me reason to start my Miracle Morning early and energetic! I’ll definitely drop by again when I want to find a calming rest in the hectic CBD and some good oat flat white.

Mon - Fri
 7am - 3.30pm
8am - 4pm

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