#aucklandeats: Swinging for K-Sandwiches with Kiwi Flavours

by Michelle Li



Though it seems like a hidden spot, I always come across Swings on Instagram as their branding just stands out to me! Their IG gives off a retro feel where their pictures seem like it’s taken on a film camera and pairs well with their cool mascot. Described by themselves as “Korean street food mixed with Kiwi flavours,” You have your Korean street style chicken skewers (fried of course 😋), your skewered glazed tteokbokki (떡볶이), or rice cake, and the fusion-ised potato cheese balls that seem to make an occurrence in all the fast food places in Korea. But what they specialise in and what they are most known for are their sandwiches. What seems to be a quick and easy lunch for many of us, it's Koreans that make it more than that! Filled to the brim with toppings to make each bite full of flavour and texture than the last, it’s why “Egg Drop Toast” has become a huge chain in Korea. It’s become a craft and unlike for many of us,  not just something for your lunch that you hurriedly prepare and take to work 😅 Swings have taken the classic sandwich filled with ham, egg and cheese and gave it the best upgrade! 


With six types of sandwiches to choose from, I think there is one for anyone. Whether you like to keep it simple, opt for their “Daily” sandwich filled with ham, egg and cheese or are the kind to go all out with toppings! Well, there are five others to choose from with each of them giving you all the flavour. They even have the Mush Mash, for those who are vegan that’s filled with Enoki mushroom, housemade hash and cabbage for of course, the textural crunch that is a must. 


I really wanted to try their “Rocker” sandwich, one that has a combo of condensed milk and Gochujang, a classic Korean chilli paste, being 11am, I thought it was just way too early for that. But as I’m always curious about sweet and salty pairings, there will be a day where I get to taste how this spicy sweet flavour goes together. Instead, I settled for the DC Swinger, which seemed like a safe option to me as it’s named after their brand, Swings, after all. It was also perfect as I really wanted to try out their house made hash brown. And it did not disappoint! The DC Swinger had their hash brown, of course, and the classic toppings of egg, cheese, pickles, cabbage. I honestly thought how could these sandwiches be THAT good? 


But I now feel like I can understand why Koreans have raged over these sandwiches with so many different chains opening up. The sandwich was so delicious, complimenting each of the toppings perfectly. There was the right amount of spicy sauce, where the sandwich wasn’t dripping in it, nor did I just taste sauce. The best part for me, was the hash brown for sure! It had such a crunchy exterior, fried to perfection, yet wasn’t greasy. It made the sandwich perfect giving you all the flavour and all the texture of crunchy of the hashbrown and veggies, yet soft with the fluffy white bread 🤤


Sandwiches make for a perfect lunch and with such flavoursome ones from Swings’ it’s even better! The DC Swinger sandwich made for a very filling breakfast to get the day started. For the next time I go, I already know what I am going to order. Of course, what they are known for, another sandwich but also the iconic Korean cheese ball. You can probably tell by now that Swings does not give you just a simple BLT sandwich, instead it's for the hearty soul-like food lovers. If this it’s you, they also serve their ever-changing in house coffee and even wine to pair with your meal, true Kiwi style if you ask me! Being just opposite Albert Park, why not grab yourself a sandwich (and maybe a drink) for a picnic with Swings this spring? 

10AM - 3PM

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