Come Take Your Picture (Literally) at NZ’s First Self Studio 📸

by Rebecca Kim

Be the photographer AND the model at the same time!

Despite being fully immersed in the age of Instagram and other social media, I still find myself feeling so awkward when someone is taking a picture of me 😅 For the people like me out there, let me introduce to you the concept of “self studios”!

Not to be confused with the 4Cuts of Life photo studio on Queen St and in Chancery Square (if you need a refresher, check out our past TMI article on it here), which gives high-quality photo booth strips. Self studios are different in that you are able to get full-length, body-shot photos 💃 Both are already super popular in Korea, so we’re glad that they’ve come to NZ! Now that NZ’s finally got our very first self-studio, “Studio Self”, this may be the next big photo trend to be brought over from Korea 💖

So, how does it work? The concept is pretty simple - you stand in front of a backdrop (maybe even holding a few props of your choice) and press the button when you are ready. There is a screen that shows you how your photos are turning out, and you can snap as many photos as you can in your allocated time. Depending on your package, you’ll receive a number of both digital and printed formats. The results can turn out surprisingly professional-looking, and you can choose the best options from the bunch ✨

Located on Elliot Street, Studio Self is at an easy location in the CBD. It may be easy to miss at first, but just look for their cheerful green logo sign! It’s near our HIKOCO Queen Street branch, so maybe you’d like to pop into Hi-Dabang for a refreshing K-drink after all that posing? 😏

They’re also currently doing a Mother’s Day Promotion to get all your digital files sent at no extra cost if you book with either of your parents! 🥳 Check out the promotion details here.

After recently visiting Studio Self for a session with my friend to take some graduation pictures together, we were pleasantly surprised with how nice the photos turned out 👩‍🎓 It was good to take some great quality photos at our own pace, without the full price of hiring a personal photographer. 

Many celebrities (and their pets) have also gotten on board with the trend - check out these cute pictures taken in a famous photo studio in Korea, Photomatic 😍

Something fun to do for this Family Month can be to go for a nice family photoshoot, especially if you have those older family members who are camera shy! The good thing about Studio Self is that the photographer is YOU, so it’s easy to relax without feeling like you’re being watched and analysed by someone pointing a camera at you. 

If you need some ideas on how to pose with your family, Studio Self has some illustrations you can refer to!

In Korea, they also have another variation called “selfie studios”, where there are multiple background room setups in different styles.  People are able to go to these different setups and take aesthetic photos and selfies - perhaps this could be the next photo trend to come to NZ? 😮

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