Poses to Make Your Group Photos More Special 📸

by Isabel Bang

6-People Jumbo Heart

Gather five of your friends to be the star of the day! Five people make a big heart with both arms stretched out, and you can stand in the middle to do your own pose 💃 Best to use this pose for birthday photos when you want the spotlight on one person 👀

4-People Chain of Hearts

Group of four? Here’s a smaller but cuter version of a heart-pose for your group photo 📷 Everyone faces away from the camera and hold up their arms to make a half heart with both hands. Twist arms to match the half hearts to your friends sitting on either side of you! The great thing about this pose is that it doesn’t limit you to only four people - you can choose to have even more people join at each end and make the heart chain longer and longer 💓

6-People Super Star

This may look complex, but all you’re doing is spreading your arms straight out. Three sit in front and three stand at the back. The two in the middle open their arms straight both ways, and those at the corners do a diagonal stretch. To get this weirdly funny group pose more on point, make sure all of you put on a straight face 😂 I can assure you that once you pull this Super Star pose out at a trip to take a group photo, you’ll be grabbing EVERYONE’s attention, so be aware of that 🙌

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